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  1. I hope houston didn't concuss himself on turners thigh
  2. Calvin and Stafford looked like they were chatting about the weather
  3. Now I think I'll go cook or do some chores until this lion possession is over
  4. held to one catch in a half, he is owned
  5. i agree, hope Svitek takes advantage of this opportunity. Go get em Atlanta!!!!!
  6. Matt Ryan would be trusted and Lovie would sew up the huge gaping hole that forms in the middle of the field on third down.
  7. If I see one more pass down the middle for a first down I think I'll scream. Josh Freeman completed there all day and we made T Jackson look like a pro-bowler.
  8. I think he is very talented and I'm sure he will only get better I just thought the celebration was a little over the top. When I saw it I thought, that was a mistake thats only going to motivate the Falcons.
  9. Dancing and celebrating should come with winning, not losing your 5th game. I think its fine to celebrate but maybe Cam should do a little more winning first otherwise he looks satisfied with just scoring.
  10. Very sad news, prayers to his family.
  11. Thank you Jay for asking the questions we wanted answered. You can tell when Mularkey gets nervous, he starts clearing his throat. He did it in the last interview as well.
  12. I said nearly the same thing to my son, and I'm a girl, never played the game, if I can see it we are in trouble.
  13. I said to my son on the first play of the first punt, we are going three and out. It was like someone turned off the intensity switch. I immediately had that oh no, here we go again feeling. If it is that painfully obvious to me, why cant they see it? The opposing pros certainly do. Are they so entrenched in what they usually do that they can't change or just don't see the problem. I think they need to bring in an outsider to give them an honest opinion
  14. He is a better talker, he didn't sound as lost as Mularky did http://www.atlantafalcons.com/falconstv/?video_id=1200379076001 Listen to the question at 1:55 and his answer. He clears his throat at the end like he doesn't even believe what he said. I just love how he basically says we are just going to play Falcon football and hopefully that works, no adjustments for us.
  15. rewind and play. Bucs keep hitting the same play over and over... wake up indy
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