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  1. Guess they don't fine for season-ending horse-collar tackles either
  2. It's 3pm and I wish this game was today because I can't get anything done until it's over
  3. Just watched it on nfl.com sounds of the game part 1
  4. From the nfl.com game center Game ball Rookie WR Eddie Royal, getting the start because of Brandon Marshall's one-game suspension, was nearly unstoppable. He repeatedly burned former Pro Bowl cornerback DeAngelo Hall and wound up with nine catches for 146 yards and a touchdown. He also had two carries for 9 yards and added 18 punt return yards.
  5. Nice read Patience is a virtue and persistence pays off Glad he is here. Hate to hear what my Charger fan brother thinks
  6. Turner is leading now, but when I vote ten other votes have been cast. I hope thats falcon fans. Click on the link and vote. Note to NFL.com Turner wears RED!
  7. Couldn't agree more. I know there is a game next week, but after last year and the always too long off-season, I just wish yesterday could go on and on and on
  8. If he has a break-out year our offense will be unstoppable!! Jenkins and Roddy, Burner and Norwood! Defenses, game plan that!!
  9. Awesome!!! "The sky's the limit in Atlanta"
  10. Alright, the board seems too quiet. Grimes is gonna snag one tomorrow, Matt is going to be cool. Kitna is going to feel the pressure early and Jerious is gonna run one back. The D is gonna be nasty and the Dome will be rockin!!! The day is almost here!! GO FALCONS!!!!!
  11. Anyone know the completions/attempts ratio on our CB's this preseason? I thought they looked pretty good. How many TD's allowed?
  12. You are very strange. I have to wonder what you've been missing.
  13. I guess if they can suspend someone thats not playing then they can fine someone (Stills) thats just been cut!
  14. That great but now mighty Quinn is stuck in my head
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