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  1. Colts owner heard there was a basketball team for sale.
  2. Yes, between the doctor and the patient. Not between sports radio dj and football player guest.
  3. I wonder if the refs go back and review calls like that in a sort of post game meeting. I know they can't review every call, but a return for TD called back should get a later look, just for them to learn from. I am just glad to see Weems running again. I thought with the new rule he was going to fair catch everything.
  4. He is on injured reserve, done for the year, not giving away anything.
  5. Try opening your own business, then when things don't go well you can occupy yourself
  6. I do too. What else did Ovie say. What exactly was his injury if you heard.
  7. Really hate to lose ovie. He will be missed. I liked seeing him get the ball this year as well, he seemed to be having fun too and brought a little swagger . Wish him a speedy recovery
  8. You knew Peyton ran the offense, but the other players cannot do anything. This is really sad
  9. I was thinking the same thing. Too bad Stafford has to receive Suh's bad karma.
  10. Go Colts!! Think back a couple of years and get some revenge!!!
  11. Indeed, they were great. Calvin who? Mega what? I know he is a very good receiver so props to our D for limiting his explosiveness. Did they convert more than one third down?
  12. he looks like the kid that was always the tattle tale.
  13. Now maybe Indy wants some revenge and can find a way to beat NO
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