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  1. That true and I am a big homer but I think we have improved each week, especially the defense and I think our offense is only going to improve. To me the Saints are looking old.
  2. As much as I hate it, I think I have to root for the saints. The bucs need a division loss and I think we'll sweep the saints.
  3. Wow, way to represent! Have fun and Go Falcons!!! Lets hope the colts don't wake up like the Rams did last week.
  4. Vick looks either very determined or he is going to blow his top before the game is over.
  5. an eagle loss would definitely complete a very good football day
  6. "shameful" and "embarrassing", I pulled out a couple of quotes in case any of the saints fans on here didn't want to read the whole article
  7. You will not be able to wipe the grin off howie longs face in the post game show
  8. Don't even look at steven jackson funny, he might bite your head off
  9. Sean couldnt even come down to speak to team at half
  10. I hope the rams keep it up. you know brees can sling it
  11. Drews too busy thinking about that contract
  12. I was glad the Cards won since the phillies sat all of their starters when they played st louis in the regular season. Besides the Braves choking that helped get the cards past us for the wild card. I heard some philly fan on the radio was going to a church after game six to pray all night for texas to win . ha ha Since the braves were out I'm glad its over, but kinda liked having some major league sport to watch on demand. i
  13. You are right, Kudos to Joe!! Boy you can tell its a bye week
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