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  1. Would it? I don't think we want the Cowboys to fall into the wildcard race ... their conference wins are higher than ours. Better if the 'Boys take their division since the Giants are already behind us, no?

    If only we had won, this figuring would be so much easier

  2. Will Svitek. If it doesn't go to him, I vote to eliminate the hick'ry stick award. Every game Svitek has started, has given up 0 sacks. He also shut down the likes of Freeney, Allen, VandenBosh, Smith and Morgan/Jones. An article stating that Svitek shut out Allen for the first time on the stat sheet as a pass rush since week 5 of 2010 season says a lot. Svitek came off the bench as a jumbo tight end to a potential franchise LT.

    Youv'e convinced me

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