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  1. Uh, notice to Mark we are the best team in the NFC and our record proves it now just go to your corner and pick your nose
  2. We will win Saturday. For all those saying Rodgers can come back late remember we only need 11 seconds. I think so many in the media don't really know what we've seen this season. Pack better come prepared to play 60 minutes, I know the Falcons will
  3. me too I wear my Norwood jersey to the games along with my falcon head hat. At the Carolina game I took my son over to wear the players come out of the tunnel. When Jeroius came out I was yelling like a little kid, Jerious... He didn't hear/ignored me but Coach Ray Hamilton saw me and said I'll get Jerious for you. Jerious came over and signed my hat and talked to him and I told him to get well soon. Thanks to coach Hamilton
  4. Watching the draft selection brings tears to my eyes. The fumble makes me cringe and always loved the Milloy pump Thanks for posting
  5. Awesome! I love her passion for football. Now tell her to get to work on the CBA!
  6. Very nice read, so glad he is our coach Thanks for posting
  7. I usually tell people like that "I'm here every week, if you don't like it FIND ANOTHER SECTION!!"
  8. Is this just due to heavy traffic or are the icy roads still a concern? If its the icy roads can someone tell me the southernmost marta rail from I75. Thanks
  9. It is an awesome sight and people wave them at the opening and after a big play. They don't wave them when we're on defense, they yell. Funny when I took mine to Tampa, they made me throw the pole away, said could be used as a weapon
  10. I hope you are right seriously. Let us outsiders know if we need to start walking
  11. Do they mention Starks had 101 yards in the THREE regular season games he played in
  12. http://www.nfl.com/partner?partnerType=players-air-and-ground
  13. glad they made it ok but will it be gone by Sat evening? high fri of 35 http://www.ajc.com/news/atlanta-weather-snow-could-800233.html
  14. I just hope they spent the night at the branch, so they can practice
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