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  1. Let's hope they introduce themselves to Dennis early and often!!!
  2. Good idea. Another idea might be an online petition That way more people could participate If your a STH you could post that and your team There are alot more people that watch at home. We all buy NFL merchandise and watch all those ads
  3. I'd like to see us win the toss and Weems run 92 yards for a TD and put a hush on the Heinz
  4. I just hope that the steelers are underestimating our D against their O just like these fans
  5. I know Brees is a prolific passer but Saints only 9 yards rushing
  6. Even when we win some reporters will say we lost Falcons at Steelers Florio's take: The last two meetings between these two teams have been memorable, with the Steelers winning four years ago in overtime at the Georgia Dome and with the two teams playing to a draw eight years ago in Pittsburgh. This time around, the Falcons are trying to catch the Saints, and the Steelers are hoping to hold it together until Ben Roethlisberger comes back. Look for the Steelers to try to grind it out with a running game and a still-strong defense and for the Falcons to try to draw the Steelers into a shootou
  7. I look at the money If he was still top notch, one of the other 31 teams would have offered him more than 855,000. Oh but he wanted to stay in the division
  8. When can the signings officially begin? Is it 24 hrs from yesterday 4pm?
  9. Thats all the cuts then isn't it? Could someone post the new roster
  10. Really? I was really wanting to see him play.
  11. Didn't Adkins have to be helped off the field Any word on his knee?
  12. http://twitter.com/AJCFalcons Valdez and Bush released
  13. KK's gone Optimism rises Bats come alive
  14. KK pitching is like Chevis Jackson starting No upside
  15. Maybe the author doesnt realize houston has been demoted http://www.freep.com/article/20100809/SPORTS01/8090338/1354/Lions-King-Bly-in-new-spots-after-Houston-demoted
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