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  1. If he is within shouting distance I'm going to thank him tomorrow
  2. Wonder if the powers that be will agree on the appeal I doubt it
  3. I heard a quote from Robinson saying he was going to appeal. He said it was a bang bang play and he's not a dirty player ect. ESPN said, "HOUSTONS" Dunta Robinson was fined 50,000
  4. I hope they are all right, but what exactly does that mean? Defenseless I mean
  5. He's just mad Vicks not playing and taking it out on the eagles
  6. Nice read I can see Kolb getting rattled from the pressure of Babs and Abe leading to Grimes and Moore having a banner day!
  7. I bet after Sunday he will know his name and things like that. “We were really cool and college and things like that. We don’t talk too much now. He’s busy doing his thing, and I’m busy doing my thing. Like I said, we’re sill good friends and things like that.” As far as that matters, I want to go out there and do so good and things like that.
  8. He looked pretty upset, think its more than cramps
  9. He looked pretty upset, think its more than cramps
  10. He looked pretty upset, think its more than cramps
  11. He looked pretty upset, think its more than cramps
  12. Really, really bad call again Demote the ump please
  13. Guess I have a selective memory because when I think of Jake Delhome the first thing that comes to mind is the five picks he threw against Arizona and him on one knee in the Dome holding his elbow
  14. they should be well rested too since they were only on the field 20 min last week
  15. more no huddle smash mouth intimidation D Harry D's coming out to the world party!
  16. I voted for the safety too but that video dmite posted earlier gets you excited about the whole D! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlroPxumuLI&feature=player_embedded#! They are flyin around for 60 min
  17. That was a great video. I was at the game and I had to ask the guy in front of me; did the ref say personal foul #86, Fin really? lol Gotta love it
  18. Let me say I am so disappointed but the team will be fine. Since I cant start a thread, barely reply could one of you technically smart people TELL ME WHY THIS BOARD CANNOT STAY UP Been on other boards watching during gameday and this does not happen
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