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  1. I think they announce the inactives 1 hour prior to kickoff
  2. Wow, so this insinuates he stole it from his teammate, am I reading that right?
  3. One week our special teams was a little weak, the next week they stepped it up. Last week with the run getting stopped the passing game took over This team improves every week and finds a way to win This week I expect the Falcons to take the lead and never give it back!
  4. At least they are learning his name "The former Oklahoma standout has not thrown an interception over his last four games, while passing for over 750 yards and six scores. He is even better at home, posting a 3-1 record at the Edward James Dome. And the kid does his homework. Unlike in past weeks when veteran QBs have dismissed CB Brent Grimes as the “short guy,” Bradford knew Grimes by name." http://blogblitz.nfl.com/atlanta-falcons/entry/week_11_preview_falcons_vs
  5. Now that would be so fitting and such an exclamation point on a tremendous career.
  6. We should be #1 At least John Clayton has us going to the superbowl. Maybe the talk/respect is starting
  7. Another great play. Watch the Grimes interception and hulk impersonation at the end http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d81c0c6bc/Grimes-picks-off-Flacco?module=HP_video
  8. I bet every STH that posts on this board is there well before kickoff. I wish all of you could be there and see how loud the dome is. 17-1 the twelve man deserves a little more credit
  9. This was really hard. I hate to think of the team without Roddy in there but can't even think about Matt not being in there. Calm consistent leadership deserves some credit, had to vote for Matt
  10. The official number one spot in the NFL standings belongs to the ATLANTA FALCONS!! No pundit can change that. Its ours to keep or lose. I'm sure the players know that, the coaches know that and we know that. The rest will catch on eventually.
  11. Nice read but.. This is unbiased and the only one that counts http://www.nfl.com/standings?category=league
  12. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/Atlanta-Falcons-Roddy-White-NFL-on-FOX-110410 Interview going to air on Fox pre-game show
  13. Are he and Singletary related. They both say crazy stuff. Best in division, make the playoffs....
  14. They sure avoided him today. They may say they don't know his name or they may call him short but he has definitely earned their respect! Go Grimes!
  15. Gotta be Roddy!! Those were some highlight reel catches Saw him during warm-up with the whole team in a big circle with just Roddy circling the team firing them all up!
  16. Just glanced at the Saints board and some poster started a thread "Drew needs to wake up!" Put down the Nyquil!!!
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