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  1. Oh wow, as much as I want them to lose hate to see that
  2. Here's to an injury free non nail biter good old fashion falcon blow-out win!!!
  3. I agree with what you say but it is very hard to sit a a game and see other STH cheer for vick at your home stadium. That was the only game I've ever left early and not because of the play on the field. I kept wondering how it made the players feel. I know I'm just an emotional fan, but if the eagles do come back I hope the fans in the dome give the falcons the support they have earned
  4. As I recall special teams was a problem with this game. With the addition of Biermann on ST they look a lot better. I don't see a return for TD by the bucs this week
  5. Are they for sale already? I would go, even if to just tailgate in the parking lot
  6. I lobbied hard for Singletary. I also wanted Jake Long first round and Flacco second Have to laugh when I watch the "double-dip" call by Wes on the holding call on the John Abraham sack
  7. Seven year relationship, she must be good for him Not worried about rock-steady Matt.
  8. OMG, Focus, Focus, Focus No wedding planning, no engagement parties No in-law spats causing turmoil But seriously, Congrats
  9. They are both serious students of the game. Ryan's innate ability still developing. When he reaches his full potential, watch out
  10. Missed interception= 3 and out PUNT Falcons ball
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