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  1. Cheating really? this is before the Payton era so this time is excluded. We sucked point blank period.

    And what networks are picking this up. Everybodys even in the media is saying its BS. Only you falcon fans believe it.

    And if anything at the most can happen loomis would go to jail and if so thats his problem.

    He was a lousy cheater .

    By your words, "he was a lousy cheater"

    Who was the GM in 2009

  2. On Paper that appears to be a most favorable schedule. Know it's premature to predict, but having Dallas, Giants at home works well for me. Eagle road game not so. Bye week pretty much at the half way mark is good as well. Like it

    I agree with you, nice to have the giants and Dallas at home. Always hate to play Philly away but I think they are on the downhill slide.

  3. It's funny, they always have money but they usually don't spend it... Big ups to them for trying to get better... gonna be a very competitive division this year! We gotta make sure that we get better as well. I can see the Panthers making strides, the Bucs are getting better on paper. The Saints may be taking a step back but we'll see.

    If we stay the same as last year, we are essentially getting worse...

    Maybe nobody going to see their games made them realize they had to do something.

  4. Yikes. That would hurt.... Lofton has been a very important/effective part of our defense.... Anyone who under-estimates what he does as a shot-caller for all three levels of the D and as both a gap-plugger in the rushing game, but also an effective drop-back Mike in the passing game, will learn real quick how important he is if he doesn't come back....

    I can't think of anything being more important for the LONG TERM success of our defense than keeping Spoon and Lofton together and letting them grow together.....

    Like someone else said... As important as Grimes is as our only true cover corner, I would rather tag Lofton than Spoon..... Furthermore, I think Grimes has another couple of good years in him, but corners obviously drop off a lot quicker when they lose a step.... Grimes is a great CB, but Lofton has just begun to approach what he can do....

    Gruden said during broadcast last season that he felt Spoon and Lofton were a young Briggs/Urlacher-esque duo.... That's quite a compliment from a pretty impressive defensive mind who doesn't offer up an overage of compliments towards Falcons players.... I have to totally agree with him.... What is the use of "Building Through the Draft" if you do not retain the best players you draft? I want to see Spoon and Lofton in ATL playing alongside one another until it is clear that one of the two is not playing well enough to keep their spot.... But Lofton has quietly been arguably our most effective player on defense, and Spoon has shown a ton of potential (once he gets all of his rookie brain-farts behind him)....

    PLEASE, keep Lofton home, TD!!!!! I usually don't worry about personnel issues with TD at the helm, but if we were not able to retain Lofton, I would be extremely concerned....

    I agree 100%

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