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  1. Whenever I hear Owens and starting I have flashbacks of the Green Bay playoff game and see yellow flags flying.
  2. That seriously should have been kept off twitter
  3. By your words, "he was a lousy cheater" Who was the GM in 2009
  4. I'm trying not to relish too much hahahahahahahah. Pat Yasinskas says incident has been reported to the US Atorney in NO. Not just football anymore. Can't play the Superbowl card if you cheat. Feel for the real fan posting in here
  5. I agree with you, nice to have the giants and Dallas at home. Always hate to play Philly away but I think they are on the downhill slide.
  6. This is such great off-season entertainment. He was the first person I thought of because he looks like such a jerk.
  7. I know the owner said he was behind the GM and coach but now that he is suspended for the year...
  8. Maybe nobody going to see their games made them realize they had to do something.
  9. I really hate to see him go. I think he will be reliable for a long time.
  10. Wow I really will hate to see him go. He just quietly did his job no dancing around. Fifth in the league in tackles. I think this is a mistake
  11. I hope not, I really like Ovie. I hope he can come back 100% But you may be right especially after the injury he sustained.
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