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  1. Thirty responses from Aints on their board. You get em Roddy! http://www.saintsreport.com/forums/showthread.php?t=187390
  2. I appreciate you doing that. Grimes is my favorite falcon Love moores reaction at 1:53, the bills interception and the catch and roll w tampa
  3. If they are there, they will walk out as quiet as those steeler fans a few years ago
  4. For real. Woke up today and its only Tuesday. Looking forward to Christmas, but counting the days till Monday
  5. Heard Moore on an interview on a local sports radio today. Caught the end and they were talking about Grimes and how athletic he was. When I watched that play I thought great play. Moore said they practice that play because they know Grimes can get to the ball. I loved to hear that; it doesn't just happen they game plan for it and know how athletic he is. Loved grimes since he was all over special teams. He is spiderman
  6. After the Falcons introduction they will feel the energy and know its over!
  7. Happy birthday!!!! I thank you too for your inspiration Come to Atlanta Monday night and we'll help you celebrate!!!!
  8. Lets see we beat you at your home (that was sweet) you lost to the Cardinals (we beat the cardinals 41-7) your team lost to the Browns 30-17 (Falcons won again) Lost to the Ravens (uh, we won) See you at THE DOME!!!!!
  9. Successful people are just ordinary people with extraordinary persistence and determination My mantra and maybe Brent Grimes as well Love to watch him play but I wouldn't try to play corner lol
  10. They had a thread on their site on how they could still win the #1 seed. I wanted to register just so they could all hear me laughing!
  11. It would be the ultimate win to beat the eagles at home, but I really don't know if my nerves can handle it. thanks for your response If we beat the eagles at home the adrenalin will mow over the patriots
  12. STH long time and being at that game last year, huge Amen to that
  13. Second over chicago? so you're saying 1 falcons 2 philly so we play the bears or giants and the winner of saints/bears (cause rams will lose) but if the bears win tomorrow are they the second seed after monday
  14. Who are we likely to play in our first game. Someone please lay it out for me
  15. This SI writer seems to agree Like how he says Seahawks to start: None and avoid all Seahawks http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/eric_mack/12/14/start-sit-week15/index.html START Falcons RB Michael Turner, WR Roddy White, QB Matt Ryan, K Matt Bryant, D/ST It should be a banner week for your Falcons. The Seahawks are better at home, but they are still among the bottom-feeders at stopping QBs (sixth-worst), RBs (fifth-worst) and WRs (third-worst). Most of these are fairly obvious starts, save for the Falcons D/ST perhaps. The Seahawks are 11th-worst against D/ST units. Seahawks None.
  16. The road to Dallas goes through the DOME!!!!
  17. I'm speechless Needs to be on the PFT rumor mill
  18. The look on Jason Taylors face was priceless
  19. In any event, its nice to talk about clinching scenarios vs what needs to happen to get a playoff spot
  20. I thought it was GB, Phi and Giants combo could be wrong
  21. Lost Gerald Mccoy for the season, maybe not so lucky
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