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  1. I was at the state of the franchise meeting before the season, they invited about 200 STH. They stated their goals and the first thing Arthur Blank did was point at his finger and said he wanted a ring. TD and coach Smith concurred
  2. Falcons and former falcons making all the plays
  3. Its the pro bowl turn off the hate for one game
  4. I'm glad so many falcons are in the game, but sad cause only one week left.
  5. Ahh, but the superbowl is in New Orleans in 2013 Karma is coming Dharma, Imagine all those Falcon fans celebrating on Bourbon St
  6. Wow, I must really be missing something because when I saw he would be starting in our game against Green Bay that was my primary concern. I admit the game is a blur but what I recall from his play was penalties.(Don't flame me) I know you can't judge a players ability by one game but do you all think he was an asset or a liability in that game? I compared the stats when they both started in 2009 from week 12 on and grimes had more tackles and 6 interceptions compared to Owens 2. I hope you all are right about owens, honestly please tell me what I'm missing
  7. Well isn't that where a coach steps in and kicks a field goal?
  8. My ST renewal had a big Rise Up on the envelope. I'm on board as I always am, but no more rise up How about kick their a** Enough already Or maybe I shoulda waited a couple more days to post. Sorry
  9. Uh, notice to Mark we are the best team in the NFC and our record proves it now just go to your corner and pick your nose
  10. We will win Saturday. For all those saying Rodgers can come back late remember we only need 11 seconds. I think so many in the media don't really know what we've seen this season. Pack better come prepared to play 60 minutes, I know the Falcons will
  11. me too I wear my Norwood jersey to the games along with my falcon head hat. At the Carolina game I took my son over to wear the players come out of the tunnel. When Jeroius came out I was yelling like a little kid, Jerious... He didn't hear/ignored me but Coach Ray Hamilton saw me and said I'll get Jerious for you. Jerious came over and signed my hat and talked to him and I told him to get well soon. Thanks to coach Hamilton
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