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  1. I just want to win. Does anyone know our won/loss record with prime time games recently? I love the atmosphere at the game but not the late night travel with 2 hour commute.
  2. Pay the man. Ive been on his bandwagon since his special teams only play. He was always first down the field and usually in on the tackle. Some players talk the talk. Grimes walks the walk And sell the mans jersey, I want one.
  3. Someone post the Jake Long gets owned double dippin video please. I really wanted Jake Long first and Flacco in the second (when he was predicted to go to the second). So glad I was wrong
  4. Hmm... undrafted free agent, small school, explosive plays, sounds like a Brent Grimes in the making. Whats not to like about that?
  5. I started of shaking my head, didn't think I could watch and ended up with a smile on my face. Thanks for posting that. Was nice to see all the catches by Finn and the pressure by Owens (since I only remembered the miscues), the abe sack and goal line stand
  6. If they have decertified so they could take the nfl to court, can they still act as a union and tell the players not to attend the draft
  7. I'm all for free enterprise and they can get paid as much as the market will bear. I really think they are all so arrogant that they think the can continue this parade of greed and we'll still all be back. I've had season tickets for a long time. I get there an hour before kickoff to watch warm-up, wear my foam falcon hat and jersey even on the two hour drive, yell every down and never leave until the last second is off the clock(except for that Philly game). I only tell you all that because the longer this goes on the more I think I should find something else to do with my money. I wonder i
  8. How do these things benefit the owners and not the players when the players get 60% of the revenue generated( from ticket sales, jerseys, ect)
  9. It would be nice if there was a small business owners union. We just put it all on the line work really hard and hope for the best. While some others just want more of my taxpayer money.
  10. Doesn't that percentage only apply to the salary cap? Wouldn't pension, insurance and retirement be separate? Now what percentage are we up to?
  11. That also ensures parity, which is why there is worst to first and not yankees, yankees, yankees
  12. So are you saying the players wanted more than 60%? and do you think that is greed
  13. Not finding a way to resolve a 9 billion dollar profit kinda rubs people the wrong way. Sorta like the CEO of BP saying he wanted his life back
  14. Would love to see a billboard outside the dome say Not a billionaire Not a millionaire Just a meager fan that pays for it ALL
  15. I would imagine, although I don't know for sure, that salaries are only part of the picture. The other revenue may go to things like insurance, retirement plans ect. That 59% is not just for playing time contracts Looks like that statement was incorrect. the 59% goes to determine the salary cap. This was a good article http://www.andrewsstarspage.com/CBA/12-14cba.htm
  16. Well I'll just say that football is an escape and a passion, lets just hope that they can get this resolved soon before all us hard working folks loose interest among this ridiculousness.
  17. I knew that the NFL was exempt from Anti-trust rules for some reason but didn't know that is was because it was considered a non-profit organization. I thought they were exempt for some reason and that was why there was congressional oversight. If you could explain that I would appreciate it; always wanted to know
  18. Does that sales associate get paid a percentage of the gross or net? I own my own business, my employees have no right to see my books but my agreement with them is not based on a percentage. I would have thought that when they agreed to such a split there would have been some independent way to verify the legitimacy of the numbers
  19. I would agree with you, but they already have to a 60/40 split How can you have an agreement if you don't have the numbers To me the only reason not to open the books is if you are hiding something
  20. I want the steelers so I can imagine the faces of those obnoxious Packer fans that were around me at the dome
  21. Heard on ESPN this morning New Falcon theme Its Now or Never http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=6095609 http://blogs.ajc.com/the-buzz/2011/01/18/star-sighting-on-the-sidelines/
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