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  1. Glad to see the saints losing, just wish the packers didnt look so good maybe its the saints defense
  2. After all that defense they let them basically have that first down
  3. Will be nice to see week one saints in last place
  4. Well at least he's actually looking at the team. He usually offers his opinion even though he admits he doesn't watch us play.
  5. those look great! Thanks Tandy, I can't wait
  6. Thank you Micheal Jenkins for that sideline catch with one second left. A play and a game I'll never forget
  7. What happens if a player gets hurt while training at the owners facility? If someone sues me I wouldn't invite them over either
  8. Why does he keep getting hired? I hate his squeaky whiney voice!
  9. Thanks for the great photos, much appreciated!
  10. Yes very nice. I didn't notice that either, or the guy doing pushups
  11. Where are the Grimes jerseys, really now They only sell nine jerseys?
  12. That will be sad. So will the Redskins become the Yankees of the nfl?
  13. Wow playing at a high level with a detriment like erbs palsy may actually show his tenacity and ability to overcome adversity. wherever he lands, I hope he does well
  14. Any thoughts on Muhammad Wilkerson of Temple? http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/Temple-DL-Muhammad-Wilkerson-to-work-out-for-Ravens-Chiefs-this-week.html
  15. Eliminate mike Vick to Desean bomb and I don't see a lot left. No organized offseason... the Mike vick I remember wasn't the dedicated gym rat and now without the oversight which Mike Vick is preparing for the season? And add another year to the age. I hope we shut them down very early and often, don't want to see the same scene at the dome as last time
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