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  1. Maybe. But, the fact is that this has opened up a lot of issues.

    I have a feeling football as we know it has ended.

    What we will see is more along the lines of baseball as far as competitiveness. Get used to it. There will be the surprise teams that make it with lower salaries (ie: Tampa Bay Rays), but for the most part - the big guns will own the NFL titles.

    That will be sad.

    So will the Redskins become the Yankees of the nfl?

  2. I could definitely see them falling since one is a hype machine and the other has the Erb's palsy concern. That said, I highly doubt either hangs out that long in the draft.

    Kirwan is out of his mind as usual. His mocks are definitely ones I skip over. Or I just read them for a good laugh.

    Wow playing at a high level with a detriment like erbs palsy may actually show his tenacity and ability to overcome adversity. wherever he lands, I hope he does well

  3. Eliminate mike Vick to Desean bomb and I don't see a lot left.

    No organized offseason... the Mike vick I remember wasn't the dedicated gym rat and now without the oversight which Mike Vick is preparing for the season? And add another year to the age.

    I hope we shut them down very early and often, don't want to see the same scene at the dome as last time

  4. :D:D He could've had the best of both worlds by coming here AND drafting Ryan...but Noooooo, he tried to "play" us. Most football professionals said that we'd lose that game as well, but as I recall, when we played them and JA55 abused Long and we WON!... :D:D

    Someone post the Jake Long gets owned double dippin video please.

    I really wanted Jake Long first and Flacco in the second (when he was predicted to go to the second).

    So glad I was wrong

  5. I started of shaking my head, didn't think I could watch and ended up with a smile on my face. Thanks for posting that.

    Was nice to see all the catches by Finn and the pressure by Owens (since I only remembered the miscues), the abe sack and goal line stand

  6. I'm going to make this really simple. The owners are to blame.

    The players are not striking. The owners are locking out the players and unilaterally stopping Football operations.

    There is nothing the owners are asking for that cannot be agreed to with Football business going on as usual.

    Who is taking who to court?

  7. Ok Skar, how much do you think the players should be paid? I'm really not trying to be a jerk, it's just that I've heard alot of people say the players are overpaid but can't tell me how much they should be compensated. Just curious on what you think.

    I'm all for free enterprise and they can get paid as much as the market will bear. I really think they are all so arrogant that they think the can continue this parade of greed and we'll still all be back.

    I've had season tickets for a long time. I get there an hour before kickoff to watch warm-up, wear my foam falcon hat and jersey even on the two hour drive, yell every down and never leave until the last second is off the clock(except for that Philly game). I only tell you all that because the longer this goes on the more I think I should find something else to do with my money. I wonder is the more casual fan cares less about this or not. I think we are more passionate about the game of football than they are. Like most of you on here I am passionate about football and my team but now I think as this drags on that the NFL doesn't deserve my money and if more people turn away the salaries will go down as the golden goose passes away.

  8. Many of us have seen the Sally Field movie "Norman Rae" of a small town mountain town of residents seemingly trapped and dependent upon a factory that controlled the politics and compensation--of lack thereof. Yes, there have been a few isolated incidents where unions helped people that were either to dependent or too unwilling to help themselves--you always have a choice of where you live, where you work and for what conditions and pay you are willing to work for in this country.

    That's where it ends...

    Unions by and large are the worst thing to happen to the American work culture. They promote laziness, unaccountability, a "we/they" culture, and by and large are responsible for the worst quality control imaginable. This and "tenure" lead to apathy, lethargy and the inability or, at least, gross inhibition to replace poor workers with better workers. Why is it that Japan and now China is kicking our butts in quality and cost of goods? They don't have or need unions, that's why!

    Many people act like unions are a charity or community service. The irony is that unions are a business model designed for union leaders to make incredible amounts of money--all at the consumer expense.

    Speaking for myself, I do not need or want a union to do for me what this country's freedom and liberty already provide. I have a choice and so does one who hires me--I like it this way!


  9. People need to understand that players are both employees and product.

    A player's body and likeness is rented by these owners, and to agree to take a smaller percentage of the pie it is perfectly acceptable for them to want to see financial info to determine exactly why this is necessary.

    If the NFL were actually losing money they would agree in a heartbeat, the problem is that the NFL is growing, but not growing at the rate it once was, which is largely a function of there just not being enough new revenue streams to support those sort of growth rates.

    Eventually there is a point where you cannot earn more dollars from your product than you already do, and, especially in this economy, they are reaching that point.

    The NFL seems serious about two things.

    1. Having state-of-the-art stadiums in every city

    2. Reintroducing the game, possibly with teams or even a new league, overseas.

    These things are a benefit for the owners, but serve no immediate benefit for the players whose salaries are expected to take a cut to pay for it.

    I wonder if a compromise could be made where a situation-based arrangement could be made, so that franchises that could actually profit from a new stadium could get financial benefit, but once they have received a certain amount of help the appropriated money could return to the player's side.

    How do these things benefit the owners and not the players when the players get 60% of the revenue generated( from ticket sales, jerseys, ect)

  10. Legislation has improved most of what unions stood for. Minimum wage, affirmitive actions, disabilities, and now health insurance is going to be required.

    Now they just cry for higher pay during bad times

    It would be nice if there was a small business owners union. We just put it all on the line work really hard and hope for the best. While some others just want more of my taxpayer money.

  11. I think the players do want more than 60% but not for their individual pockets.

    Current players are fighting for retired players. They want some of the profit to go to things like pension and benfits without them having to take a paycut.

    The owners say that isn't possible. The players are saying show us the profit margins.

    The owners say no.

    Doesn't that percentage only apply to the salary cap? Wouldn't pension, insurance and retirement be separate? Now what percentage are we up to?

  12. Ok I'll play. Lets take the Bucs for example.

    Last season they failed to sell out any games and lost local t.v. rights yet the players salary's stayed the same. How can the ownership justify paying the salary's?

    It's called profit sharing meaning the Pittsburg Steelers who have no problem selling out their homegames, merchandise, t.v., etc...promise to divide their profits with less fortunate teams like the Bucs because, no Bucs means no competition.

    Profit sharing ensures competition which in turn ensures a full season for every team.

    That alone seperates the NFL from McDonalds.

    There is little to no risk for investing in a NFL francise considering the popularity of the NFL both nationally and across the pond.

    Try opening a McDonalds franchise in a poor neighborhood and see if the MCDonalds Corp bails you out. Matter of fact, McDonalds won't even award franshises in certain areas to certain people.

    The NFL could learn a thing or two from Micky D's.

    That Richardson guy in Carolina is a good example. He's always in the handout line.

    That also ensures parity, which is why there is worst to first and not yankees, yankees, yankees

  13. The only way the players can avoid a lockout without signing a new cba is to decertify and file an anti-trust lawsuit against the NFL.

    The players union decertified in 89' and signed a new cba in 93'.

    After the current cba expired, the owners knew the players union would not sign a new cba without demanding more of a cut and ensuring a certain percentage (NOT AMOUNT) of future profits. A lockout was going down either way and the owners planned on collecting 4 billion in tv contract dollars until the judge overruled.

    The Owners Do Not Want a 2011-2012 season. Why? They planned on splitting 4 billion without having to pay bills.

    The players want to play bottom line and are going about it without a new cba.

    This is not about $$ vrs. $$$. This is about principle and the cba has a long history of failing to balance profit between players and owners.

    The players believe they have a say in league rules, amount of games played, pension/benefits, etc..

    The owners don't.

    Before some of you start comparing the NFL to some fortune 500 company, don't. The owners are wrong.

    So are you saying the players wanted more than 60%? and do you think that is greed

  14. Hmmm, well if that is true, and I'm certainly not saying it isn't, why have a contract at all, just base the salaries on a % of the profits. That way the scales are always balanced. If your team and NFL does well, your share goes up, if it doesn't do so well, then it goes down. Kind of like what the owners feel, then there wouldn't be any compensation talks unless they treat it like a contract and has to get it renewed based on value of player. That way the owners and players are literally attached at the hip and is truely partners.

    I would imagine, although I don't know for sure, that salaries are only part of the picture. The other revenue may go to things like insurance, retirement plans ect. That 59% is not just for playing time contracts

    Looks like that statement was incorrect. the 59% goes to determine the salary cap.

    This was a good article


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