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  1. I am almost too nervous to watch! Go Falcons!!!
  2. Hawks4life whatcha got to say now?
  3. Totally understand. Then your going through all the why do I do this, this is crazy, next year I'm not going to blah blah blah, oh we won really here we go again.lol
  4. I couldn't even watch the kick. I barely watched the fourth quarter. My kids kept giving me updates as I paced around outside.Cleaned the porch ect, get alot of cleaning done when I'm nervous, lol Hope you are ok
  5. Amen to that. Someone should shoove it in his big mouth!
  6. The defense is licking their chops waiting for Russell Wilson to be the lead blocker for his running back and show him why he needs to stay behind the line. Just ask RG3 hôw that went in the ATL
  7. Woud love to have Tim Dwight on the 12 team.
  8. 27 to 10 falcons. With all the media focus on Megatron, I think our secondary is fired up and they will have a big game.
  9. you must be watching the replay on espn2 as well. I'll watch it with that in mind. This team and that one would be an epic game
  10. That was amazing, you sound just like him. I wish Peyton could see it.
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