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  1. My favorite game memory was the feeling I had walking into the steeler game, in our dome, beside all those screaming, yellow towel waving steeler fans and walking out screaming, beside all those quiet, non-towel waving steeler fans..... Priceless!!
  2. I think we will never regret hiring Singletary and only regret when we don't.
  3. Do you think they should have similar philosophies and who would be the best pair to build this team together?
  4. Hopefully with the same HC and GM that we pick next week lamenting our good fortune and having a monster OL that gives our QB that we picked up in the third round of the 2008 draft all the time in the world and Norwood all the holes he needs.
  5. We have the unique albeit maybe unfortunate opportunity to pick a GM and a HC. I hope they announce our team at the same press conference, sooner rather than later.
  6. Believe it or not, I will too so will my kids and husband
  7. If he'll rebuild the lines then I'm all for him. We'll have to get a coach that can work with his drafting philosophy. I wonder who that would be... ok I'll stop, but seriously...
  8. If he would come here as a DC I would be very happy
  9. Tell me who you want, not just who you don't want. I'll listen.
  10. Who do you want joremari? Who exhibits the qualities your looking for? Everyone knows where I stand. I always look forward to the next season. Watch every minute of the draft and I would be so stoked knowing Singletary was kicking off training. I know I'm a girl and never played so maybe you all have some insight I don't, but its not for lack of trying.
  11. What is that special something that he doesn't have or won't strive to acheive. I want someone for the long haul. I don't want to be doing this again a year or two from now. I would take an employee with commitment to success over a so called smart guy any day. Lets bookmark this page and meet here again in five years and see. I hope I'm note typing remember when he WANTED to come here? I am passionate about this team and I want someone who demonstrates the same passion. PS I really do have a life lol
  12. Just because he IS a motivator does not mean that's ALL he is. I don't think you go to ten pro bowls, win a superbowl... because you are a MOTIVATOR. Maybe its more persistence and determination, work and the desire and drive to succeed. Don't you think he puts this same passion into everything he does?
  13. I want Mike Singletary because he has such passion to succeed at whatever he sets his mind to and I think he'll do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. From football weekly 2005 "I want to be the greatest coach of all time," says Singletary. "It's no knock on anyone else--it's just like I wanted to be the greatest linebacker of all time. I had great respect for Ray Nitschke and **** Butkus and Willie Lanier, but it's just where I want to be. Whether or not I can get there is not the point. The point is that I'm striving to get there every day." football digest 2005 I believe he will work w
  14. Didn't you hear? Joe Buck said with 1:38 left in the first quarter that the Giants can't win this game! lol Go Giants!
  15. I think the GM's philosophy needs to be considered along with your coaching choice and vice versa. They need to work together and hopefully in the falcons case for a long, successful time.
  16. Gazoo, I hope you don't think all that support Singletary are doing that. I think you do have to look at Singletary's past accomplishments as a player because that speaks to his character. I also look at what his colleagues and players have said about him and what credit they give him for their development. I do wish he had more coaching experience. Bottom line I really want what is best for this team at this time and hopefully for a long haul. If that's Jason Garrett then so be it. Mainly I hope we really get it right!
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