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  1. Based on the way games have been called this year I thought it could have went either way - Offensive or Defensive PI. As it stands it is irreleveant since neither was called; I have never understood why, out of the multitude of calls the Refs have to make every game, only the negatives are embraced. Non-calls and suspect calls and bad calls are, and always will be, part of the game.
  2. In Cocoa Beach FL the bars open at 8am on Sunday. I do hate that 2am cutoff though
  3. I think that having a rookie QB competing for the NFL MVP award is probably just overshadowing our ground performance.
  4. Good call, there are similarities there in delivery although Montana was a better Mobile QB overall. I certainly won't compare him to Montana, whom I still consider to be the greatest QB to ever play the game in my lifetime, but I will say that Matt Ryan appears to be in line to become one of the best QB's of the next decade. Peter King said on Mike & Mike that he currently has Ryan 2nd to Peyton on his MVP charts. For a rookie QB to be compared to Peyton Manning is about as complimentary as it gets
  5. Turner is currently second in the league in rushing and tied for first in the league for rushing touchdowns. What a bust! There are at least 20 teams out there right now that are begging for a back as productive as The Burner.
  6. Miami, while deserving of accolades, plays a much easier season schedule than the Falcons have and considering that nearly every preseason pundit had us dead last on the depth charts tells me that it has to be Mike Smith.
  7. 3:23 is a long time to play. No way on God's green Earth do you go for a 4th and 5, which is quite long for a 4th down try, on your OWN 35 yard line with over 3 minutes to play. You have to trust in your defense to be able to make a stop and give your offense another shot. Now, maybe from near mid-field I could see it, but definitely not from your own 35. Most ridiculous article I have read this week.
  8. We are obviously in rebuilding mode so I think a 6-10 maybe 7-9 season is most likely on its way. After the turmoil last year and the myriad of offseason moves we made I would think 7-9 would be a resounding success for us. If we go 9-7 or 10-6 I will never be more happy to admit I was wrong!
  9. It's gotta be the SB ring....I've been waiting since 77 to see the Falcons bring the trophy to Atlanta while the Dawgs have pulled off a National Championship. Even better, why not both??? :wub:
  10. Not to take anything away from Emmitt but I have always thought that any RB in the league could rush for a 1000 yds. a season behind that Dallas O-Line. Man, they were monsters. Hope they are right about Grimes' potential though.
  11. Redman will most likely start Day 1 and no one in the NFL or any of the sports writers will conisder it a failure of the FO or Coaching staff
  12. Sure, the Packers should just forfeit all of their rights to Favre and let him just go to any team he wants without any compensation whatsoever. Maybe every player should fake a retirement so they can sneak out of their contracts and screw over the team that stood by them for their entire careers. A new bargaining chip for veterans: fake retirements
  13. The board really is flying now and the ignore feature works. Gotta love that.
  14. My head just hurts hearing Walker spoken in the same sentence with Vick
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