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  1. We are not playing a 3-4 defense we are playing a hybrid defense. Which is why we resigned Corey Peters and Johnathan Babineaux
  2. Tim Tebow had a bigger college following than Michael Sam and he was drafted in the first round.
  3. If Michael Sam was not gay I can guarantee you that there would a bunch poster saying take chance on him Dimitroff. Media circus aspect is being way over blown
  4. What blind support no one is saying draft him in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd rounds. People are saying he was SEC defensive player of the year in the best conference why not take a chance on him in the 7th to see if you can get value out of the pick.
  5. what crazy amount of negativity around possibly drafting him in the 7th Round. It is like Michael Sam hurt their mama or something
  6. he is going to be a late round draft pick anyway not like we are picking him up in the 2nd or 3rd that said i dont see how we take him
  7. No safeties drafted in the second round and only 2 in the third including the Falcons
  8. problem is that we dont have any DE to attract enough attention for other guys to succeed
  9. http://q.usatoday.co...gland-patriots/ draft rankings last five years
  10. We really need a FB anyway with Snelling retiring besides it not like the running back is every going to get the ball, Antone Smith anyone
  11. Sure just name a bunch of players even though most of them will be lucky to get 4 sacks
  12. will that the end of the day for the Falcons today
  13. one more pick to trade up cant trade compensatory picks
  14. But a safety hope he can cover for 10 seconds while the QB has all day to throw
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