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  1. I wouldn't mind Ulbrich getting a shot at interim HC.
  2. This years drafted players won't have a pay scale. It wasn't in place when they were drafted. The Nfl would get atleast 32 more lawsuits if they tried to pull off that ish.
  3. Julio Jones' contract > Two late first round picks(2011 and 2012). The contract of that pick we don't have next year is going to be going to Julio, and then some. So its a net loss.
  4. This is faulty logic. Last years #27 Devin McCourty got $13.2 million. $7.285 million is guaranteed over five years(That is the maximum contract number if he hits all his incentives). This year will probably be around $15million over 5 years maximum. Next years would be probably $17-18, excluding if they implement a rookie pay scale. Russell Okung the 6th overall last year got a six-year contract worth up to $58 million, with about $30 million guaranteed. Julio should get in that ballpark. Anyway julio is probably gonna get 8-9Million/yr. Those two late firsts added together would be around 6
  5. Ya I noticed that too. Cant wait to see some Matt Ryan to JJ action.
  6. This video is a Patrick Peterson highlight video, but I would say 70%+ of the plays are him lining up against Julio. This video makes me even more excited for JJ! :ph34r: He is wearing #31 for this game. Shout out to JMPasq on youtube these are all his videos. Great Quality Vids on his Youtube Page. Check him out!
  7. It would take at minimum this years first and second and next years first.
  8. "I have a lot of respect for the way he plays," Rodgers said. "I think he delivers the ball on time, he gets the ball out of his hands, doesn't take a lot of sacks. He obviously played at a Pro Bowl level this season, and he's tough to beat at home." Lol, someone sounds bitter about that. Although he deserves to be bitter he had a fantastic season.
  9. You also dont get a shot at an OC job every other day. If he gets that offer it would most likely take the same offer from the falcons to keep him. IMO.
  10. I read somewhere that it was a possibilty that if MM got the Denver job that Musgrave could potentially go with him to Denver to be the OC.
  11. I am in my seat, just got out of a new season ticket holder prep rally in the gwcc. As TD said, "lets pummel the packers!"
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