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  1. https://www.thesfniners.com/49ers-jet-mckinnon-will-land-with-a-new-team-according-to-the-rb Apparently Jet McKinnon, GA Southern alum, is not going back to the 49'ers and is going to test Free Agency this year. I would love to have him come to his home town team as a change of pace back if its at a reasonable price tag. I think he would pair well with whomever Arthur Smith decides to go for as his #1 back, assuming someone beefier similar to Henry (Ingram, Carson, Najee Harris, etc). He would not bust the bank after his recent injuries, so I would be willing to take the risk for the pot
  2. I wouldn't mind Ulbrich getting a shot at interim HC.
  3. Cominsky should of a had another sack or atleast a grounding call, but refs called holding on the tackle.
  4. Flood most likely wants to be a college HC again and being Alabamas Oline coach probably is a better route than our clock management position.
  5. Hire him as Coordinator to the coordinator of the coordinator. Did I miss one?
  6. I am curious if Koetter is going to bring any of his TB assistants with him or if we keep everyone already on board.
  7. Can anyone think of the last time we tried a fake punt or FG with Armstrong??? I swear its gotta be back to Smitty days.
  8. I think Robiskie could really help Calvin with consistency catching balls. Roddy had a similar problem early in his career. I don't think it's a fluke that roddys 4 pro bowls in a row were after Robiskie came on.
  9. I believe Harman was our assistant O-Line coach and got moved to TEs.
  10. Quinn goes for it on 4th for the laughs apparently. **** eating grin every time it fails.
  11. Keith Armstrong is literally coaching the most uninspired special teams I have seen in a long time. He had his Hard Knocks moment and has been resting on his laurels. Punting: We have had one punt block this year and that is pretty much the only pressure we have gotten. We never rush a kicker. Hardy can at least catch but he looks like he is running through a swamp after the catch. Each time we punt its pucker factor 10. Kickoffs: Fine with Marvin Hall just downing it in the endzone mostly and he does pick his spots well for when he does bring it out. Kickoff coverage honestly has
  12. When is the last time we have tried a fake on special teams? I honestly can't remember. Soo bland.
  13. Fowler for a 2019 3rd and 5th in 2020. Really wish we would have made that trade.
  14. I wouldn't be opposed to trading for Landon Collins cause when he walks you are going to get a 4th probably 3rd round comp pick.
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