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  1. Not impressed , missed a lot of tackles and we cant afford to keep drafting hopefuls not sure shots. We have wasted many years of drafts under Dimitroff
  2. My question to the Falcons Nation is...Why don't the Falcons draft more SEC players? We have wasted a ton of draft pics on hopefuls from other conferences and come up empty.
  3. sec 121 Since 2003 !!! Lets get it started
  4. I will be there next thursday morning because traffic is a beast coming from there in the evening!
  5. I'm just saying, A great measuring stick for this team would be to beat the Aints convincingly, Beat the Fudge Packers when it counts and or at home. I would like to beat the Patriots and to score more than a field goal against theTampons!!! Is this more like a Christmas wish! I just want to show up to a game and know that we are gonna win and not pray that we win. I'm just saying. C-mon Falcons show me something!! I was so upset after getting our ***** handed to us on national tv to a division rival. Really!?
  6. Just left the game and I still feel the same... angry!! We have to play with some intensity and the play calling has to improve. We are gonna have our hands full with the PANTIES, AINTS and the TAMPONS.
  7. Falcons nation, I know we went 13 - 3 last season but the defense still scares me.I'm still not sold on our CBs. Watching the eagles grab their 3rd good corner made me want to puke!! I do like some of the moves we've made so far but signing some help for the corner position wont be a bad thing considering the QBs we will face this season
  8. Exactly how I feel!!!!! It hurts and I'm tired of the disrespect!!! I need to see some changes but I will renew my tix but I'm frustrated. I can only imagine how detroit feels!!!
  9. **** no he must go!!!!! He never played a full season and he is no good to us on the sideline :ph34r:
  10. I sat at the dome and watched our team get exposed again on national TV and 70, 000 fans. The last time I felt this bad is when we played the Aints and the Eagles. I need MM to move on. We are to conservative and too predictable. How long will it take for MM to release Ryan and let him open the field. I won't even mention that I would love a new WR to compliment White.(I just did ). Defense: Defense wins games . Just that simple.!!! Take a look at who's still playing!!! They are top 10 defenses. We have to stop getting these nice kids with no killer instincts.I think the CB from the Raiders could play in Grimes spot and grimes play nickle. Owens was picked on all night. We cant compete against Teams like NE, The Packers, Colts, Jets and the list goes on!!! I'm tired of the disrespect the team receives on a weekly basis and when we have the chance to shut our haters up we perform like this!!! I'm just venting because I've been a season ticket holder since 2000 and I'm just sick!! I cant wait to see what we do in the draft. I'm done Since I love football, I guess I have to pick a team for the Super Bowl!! Go Steelers!!!!!! :ph34r:
  11. If the Falcons beat the Aints again, I might consider that!!! lol :ph34r:
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