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  1. Agree with all of this. I think he has potential, but will need to be coached up with some moves and hand techniques. I wish he had a veteran edge pass rusher who could teach him that. Maybe Jarrett can be a mentor?
  2. Well, I would say that he is only here because our current culture isn't that of a stabile and winning franchise. So I'd say accountability. I don't think he gets the job, if that isn't part of the package he brings. For a more game specific answer, I would say "scheme/spacing"
  3. I agree with you. But I think these are the types of mistakes that younger coaches make when a lot is on the line. They can tighten up and abandon their principles a bit, when the stakes at high. Guys like Andy Reid on the other hand have seen everything and prepared for everything. He does not doubt going for it on 4th and 3 with his backup QB to win the game. He has prepared for it, and does not waver. That comes from experience, preparation and confidence in those situations. The question is, if LaFleur will learn from it, because there is potential learning from this game, which can make h
  4. I don't think there is a smash hit player for us in this draft, so if he's our guy, then yeah, why not. I like Surtain. That said. I'd really prefer to trade down. We have 41 players under contract and have no cap space. We need cheap, young players, and the more the better.
  5. I keep reading the thread title like this: "Fonte not to Be GM" πŸ˜…..
  6. I think the Jets are indicating that they also may trade down, in order to get some offers from QB needy teams. So I guess we're no longer the main trade-partner for a QB.
  7. He's a risk, no doubt. But honestly, this may be a good time to take a chance on a potential offensive guru. If Brady can get a lot out of Ryan, Julio, Ridley etc (and he should) and get some experienced help with running the defense, then we could be competitive already by next season. If he can't, then it is time to rebuild the roster anyway, which gives us a window to evaluate Brady as a leader of men and HC. We are in a position to give him a look to see if we think he will be a great HC 5 years from now. I think, if we are being honest about the state of the franchise, then it
  8. It's tough. I think all of them are great OCs, But the question is if they'll be great HCs and who will be able to turn the culture around here? I'll take the gamble on Brady, in order to sustain a certain scheme for the next few years, and hope he'll surround himself with experienced coaches. Arthur Smith is second, because I believe he had the skills to field a solid and conmpetetive team, but I'm not sure he is much more than and offensive minded DQ. Hackett is third for me. Good experience but I see nothing special in teams of HC qualities. His sucess in GB may also - in lar
  9. Love this scenario! πŸ˜ƒ.. Trading back and getting both Farley and Harris would be and excellent move. Good job! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  10. Can't stop thinking about a DL pairing og Tupuola-Fetul and Tuioto-Mariner. Are there any more players with these kind of names in the draft? πŸ˜…
  11. Eberfluss absolutely should be om our list, IMO. I suspect he would be able to put together a good staff og OC, DC and STC as well.
  12. Maybe Matt is just a good QB, and the type of player most coaches would want to work with??
  13. Kind of weird to dedicate a thread to no one in particular πŸ˜….. But I'm with you. Beat the Aints!
  14. I guess it's a bit odd, but I don't think we have time to be dilly-dallying around if we want to get one of the better head coaching candidates to come here. Also, the way the hierarchy is set up, and everybody reports to McKay, he might as well just hire who he wants anyway.
  15. Get a HC with a vision, pick Sewell. Trade Mathews for an extra pick and use that on D and lets GOOOO!!
  16. You really enjoy your own opinions, don't you? This quoting of your own threads isn't getting you any better debate. But i suspect that isn't the point anyway...
  17. The Jekyll/Hyde characteristics of this team continues. This time with a great outcome, but the same underlying problem persists. We have yet to see a complete game from our O, D and ST all at once. Koetter is a huge part of this problem. He is most likely not the only part of the problem either. But sending him off would be a big step in the right direction. Anyway - great win this week! Great to see the defense show up and have fun! I really hope we can keep this going and play tight D vs. the Aints! Also, I think that Morris really needs to make his team show u
  18. Agreed. As if we really needed another reason, though πŸ˜– If we are ever going to be a playoff team again, we have to be able to win our division-games. When our biggest division rival has this easy of a time stopping our offense, even after us preparing for an additional week, there is really something rotten going on. We are 1-2 in the division with the W coming against a team without a defense and their best offensive player. And that was by no means an emphatic W. I'm not sure I can see us winning another division game this year πŸ˜₯
  19. 1) Of course he may be at the top of the candidate list. It only makes sense. 2) I think he is on to something regarding McKays connections and Blanks wish to follow through on ideals through HC hires. It makes good sense. Question is if Bienemy will want to come here. I guess it is up to McKay to lure him here, so I sure hope he knows something about Bienemy's preferences.
  20. "The Saints defense hassled Matt Ryan from the jump, finishing with eight sacks and two interceptions. Of the 29 games in the Sean Payton Saints era, the Falcons had their seventh-worst performance from an efficiency standpoint at -.20 EPA per play. The Saints held the Falcons to -.49 EPA per play in the second half of the ball game. An outright mauling performance." The seventh worst offensive performance against the saints during Paytons era. I actually thought it would have been worse πŸ™ˆ Koetter must have had 6 games against the saints during 2012-14, 2 in 2019 and 1 this year. 9 t
  21. Ryan is and always has been a rhythm passer. He needs to get into the groove to be really effective. Problem is: Saints know this - Koetter doesn't. Saints disrupted any timing and rythm Matt had built and then he gets antsy in the pocket. Koetter keeps calling plays that have a minimal chance of succes against an aggressive defense and with a QB and offense that is not in rhythm. Outside of the first drive which was clealy scripted, he never got into a rhythm. That's not going to cut it against good teams.
  22. Not completely sold on this Wilson kid, but he is a dayum interesting player for sure. Maybe sitting a year behind Ryan, learning some mechanics and decision-making from him would help Wilson reach his potential? Would love Etienne, but not sure RB is one of our biggest priorities. Would rather go Defense, to shore up that side of the field. But I would not be unhappy if Etienne is a Falcon after the draft
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