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  1. I think is says a lot about what kind of dude he is. A bit of a cheater, who won't be accountable. That concerns me. Can we really expect him to be mature, accountable, competitive and a hard worker? I just doubt it. Maybe I'm scarred from Jalen Collins, but I think its a big risk to take with pick #16.
  2. I really like Fulton the player. But I think his baggage is a turn off for our FO. It is a bit too much for me. But if the FO is willing to risk it, I'm ok with it.
  3. Agree totally on the first round pick, and possibility to go corner in the second. Don't think we'll pick up a RB this year though. Gurley is most likely a one year rental, but I don't see this RB class being so good that we have to use a pick this year, we could otherwise use on another defensive player. But I still think we could trade down from 16 if no Kinlaw or Chaisson and gain another pick, which could then be used on a RB.
  4. Yeah, I don't think that we necessarily won't go DT early. I dont think the FO is approaching the draft with certain positions in mind. Kinlaw has major pass rushing upside, so if he's there at #16 I think the falcons will be taking a long hard look, regardless if he is a DT. Same with Chaisson. Game wreckers - position doesn't matter too much. Quinn believes he can scheme up ways to get them pass rushing. Hopefully he and Morris are on the same page, otherwise we might be in trouble..
  5. Henderson would make sense. I have a hard time seeing us field a competetive D with Oliver, Sheffield as starters at CB and Blidi and Miller as depth. I know the coaches are high in these guys, but a single injury can wipe it all away. Plus, if our coverage is bad getting Fowler will not do us much good. We have to get some more coverageplayers, so im good with Henderson. If not him, then hopefully another CB in the second.
  6. Love both Hennessy and Cushenberry, but I don't think they'll be there with our second round pick. They might be in play for us if we trade down.
  7. I'm loving it so far. Good job TD and FO!
  8. Would absolutely love this! With that many shots in the draft, we would have a really good chance at landing a couple of good ones. And at the very least, we fill out all our biggest areas of need.
  9. I'd say about 25%. Chances are better than ever.
  10. I'm not sure he is. Would be very happy with a trade down and any of those two.
  11. I'd rather trade down.
  12. Me too, but you can never count it out. I still think a trade down is more plausible this year, though. But there should be good players at #16 too. Next season is going to be exciting.
  13. Love it! He actually wants to be here. He'll be Grady's best friend up front. Now go resign Clayborn, and get us the best available defensive players in the first and second round, and we're ready to roll
  14. Not buying it. Why would we cut Free who was on an expensive contract, only to turn around and hand another one to Gordon? He's basically Free from some years ago. We should not make the same mistake again.
  15. I'd be very surprised! In fact I'd be mad.. We've technically used a second rounder on a TE already, so using a first rounder on a RB and completely foregoing the defense, which is currently lacking a starting DE, LB and CB, would be crazy. We have to go defense with our first AND second rounder..