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  1. Agreed. As if we really needed another reason, though 😖 If we are ever going to be a playoff team again, we have to be able to win our division-games. When our biggest division rival has this easy of a time stopping our offense, even after us preparing for an additional week, there is really something rotten going on. We are 1-2 in the division with the W coming against a team without a defense and their best offensive player. And that was by no means an emphatic W. I'm not sure I can see us winning another division game this year 😥
  2. 1) Of course he may be at the top of the candidate list. It only makes sense. 2) I think he is on to something regarding McKays connections and Blanks wish to follow through on ideals through HC hires. It makes good sense. Question is if Bienemy will want to come here. I guess it is up to McKay to lure him here, so I sure hope he knows something about Bienemy's preferences.
  3. "The Saints defense hassled Matt Ryan from the jump, finishing with eight sacks and two interceptions. Of the 29 games in the Sean Payton Saints era, the Falcons had their seventh-worst performance from an efficiency standpoint at -.20 EPA per play. The Saints held the Falcons to -.49 EPA per play in the second half of the ball game. An outright mauling performance." The seventh worst offensive performance against the saints during Paytons era. I actually thought it would have been worse 🙈 Koetter must have had 6 games against the saints during 2012-14, 2 in 2019 and 1 this year. 9 t
  4. Ryan is and always has been a rhythm passer. He needs to get into the groove to be really effective. Problem is: Saints know this - Koetter doesn't. Saints disrupted any timing and rythm Matt had built and then he gets antsy in the pocket. Koetter keeps calling plays that have a minimal chance of succes against an aggressive defense and with a QB and offense that is not in rhythm. Outside of the first drive which was clealy scripted, he never got into a rhythm. That's not going to cut it against good teams.
  5. Not completely sold on this Wilson kid, but he is a dayum interesting player for sure. Maybe sitting a year behind Ryan, learning some mechanics and decision-making from him would help Wilson reach his potential? Would love Etienne, but not sure RB is one of our biggest priorities. Would rather go Defense, to shore up that side of the field. But I would not be unhappy if Etienne is a Falcon after the draft
  6. Why not Smith. He knows the ins and outs of being a GM and sure seems to have a great feel for the people behind the players/coaches, which I'm sure helps in drafting the right type of players to build around. He has a good resume there. I'm on board. He seems like a great ressource for an organisation. Clashing with BOB is a major positive for me! He wants to be the one who lays down the vision for the franchise, though. Not sure he will get that here, so i am unsure of how good a match he and ATL would be on that part.
  7. Wilson is a better QB. Not a knock on Ryan as he has been good to very good in his career. But Wilson has been great. The main difference between them, I think, is that Wilson carries more of the load for the entire team and has done so for much of his career. When Wilson had a great defense, he won the SB. When he didn't have that level of D, he generally elevated his teammates and carried the team to the playoffs on his back. I love Ryan. He is my QB, but for their careers Wilson is better. No shame in that!
  8. Yeah, exactly. That hire was just one of many red flags, regarding DQs qualifications. At the time I actually liked the fact that DQ seemed to try to shore up his own shortcomings in different ways, but eventually it became clear that the shortcomings were to many to overcome. And things got too muddy and weird within the coaching staff in the process. I think DQ might be his own worst enemy in that sense. And yes, some of this falls on Blank as well, although I understand his willingness to give DQ some time to fix what was wrong. It just never happened. Time for some
  9. Thanks for the good memories, DQ. You are a great person and has represented ATL very well. I hope you land on your feet, wherever life takes you next. Thank you! (And TD as well)
  10. Nope! 😅.. I'm not a fan of having another coach for every other minor thing that the HC or Coordinator should be able to handle.. Too many cooks in the kitchen!
  11. Well they do have a buttload of cap space next year, so I guess that makes it at least somewhat doable. But I still don't see this team trading Ryan this year, or any team trading for him mid-season.
  12. No more non-transparent, complex areas of responsibility and accountabillity within the coaching staff. I just want a system of straightforward responsibilities where the HC makes the overall calls, the OC and the DC call the plays and are responsible for their part of the team! No more 2 people calling defensive plays. No more taking over playcalling. No more defensive coaches working on the offensive side of the ball. No more old coaches brough in as vaguely described "time management consultants" No more spreading around the responsibility and ownership of th
  13. Well, it's not the ONLY number that matters. We won't ever get in the W column if our players don't rack up some yards and TDs.. I think his point is, that Gurley is used to being fed the rock and thrives that way. Here, he thrives without being fed the rock very much, which is a good sign. Oh, and his point is also that Koetter sucks. I'm sure we can all agree 😅
  14. Never liked Cowherd. He really likes to hear himself talk. So much that the contents of his speeches don't really matter to him, he just needs to keep yappin'. Ugh!
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