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  1. so who is trying to look at her eyes?
  2. don't forget her tribe of psychopathic mass murderers that think she is some sort of goddess after all the crap that happened at the end, I am siding with Danaerys now. **** the Seven Kingdoms
  3. really...all Ned Stark ever had to do was to take all his kids to Kings Landing with their direwolves and say "We run this ***** now"
  4. obviously the direwolves would be bigger than German Shepherds but I find it hard to believe any of the other houses would **** with the Starks knowing they had 5 pet direwolves the size of small ponies
  5. I'd slap that smirk off her whoring face
  6. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/43395782/ns/today-entertainment/?GT1=43001 Sean Bean was stabbed in London
  7. get one of these instead
  8. thats a ***** dude it's amazing how long the psychological aspect stays with you. I haven't smoked since 2004 and it has only been recently that I never think about it when I get stressed