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  1. the sad part is that I feel like I should REALLY hate the Seahawks now but I can't bring myself to do it. I want to, but its like the team isn't relevant enough to muster the effort. Meh.
  2. hey no problem. while I quoted you, I wasn't singling out just Falcons poster. we got ourselves a new season coming up and I don't think there is a single fan in here of any team represented that would say their season didn't end on a disappointment last year other than our resident Green Bay fan this season should go down as one for the history books for the NFC South
  3. can we just stop this because it is getting more than a little pathetic. we both had embarrassing playoff losses. we lost to the first team with a losing record in the playoffs. you all let a wildcard team come into your home after a weekend off and couldn't make them punt once its like watching skank *** prostitutes arguing over which one is nastier and has more STDs
  4. I hadn't thought of this song in years and then my wife and I watched Red Riding Hood last night (which sucked) and somehow it reminded me of it and I can't get the damned thing out of my head now
  5. there was plenty of luck in the Saints season but, as an old boss of mine used to say, "luck" is when preparation meets opportunity yes, it was a lucky break for the Falcons in the 49ers game that Clemons fumbled but it would never have happened if Roddy White hadn't put himself in position to make the play. the Saints were lucky last year in that Redskins game, but the luck would never have occurred if Meachem hadn't made the decision to shoot the wedge and try to strip that ball. that is just one example from each team...there were plenty.
  6. yes because you have been so successful with that in the past few years
  7. you all have us on Monday night and then the Bucs on a short week to close out the season. That right there is a rough way to end the year especially if the division is tight
  8. ****...this dude is so delusional that not only has he blocked out the existence of that last game against Green Bay, he has blocked out the existence of the Packers completely
  9. so who is trying to look at her eyes?
  10. don't forget her tribe of psychopathic mass murderers that think she is some sort of goddess after all the crap that happened at the end, I am siding with Danaerys now. **** the Seven Kingdoms
  11. really...all Ned Stark ever had to do was to take all his kids to Kings Landing with their direwolves and say "We run this ***** now"
  12. obviously the direwolves would be bigger than German Shepherds but I find it hard to believe any of the other houses would **** with the Starks knowing they had 5 pet direwolves the size of small ponies
  13. I'd slap that smirk off her whoring face
  14. stir stir stir :ph34r: