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  1. I know I mentioned this earlier, but LOVE this team doing this to the teams we should be doing it to instead of having a hard time or even losing one of these a year. This may be the year.
  2. Why have Bennett rolling out to the left there? I don't get it. Especially when he's right handed. He didn't need to roll out at all.
  3. What a horrible play call Lon 4th down. Took too long to develop.
  4. From that one view he did clip his helmet. But he was definitely trying to go helmet to helmet.
  5. Stalling out with Stetson in there. They need to get reps in though. Stetson with another interception after he comes in just like last week.
  6. Why does he keep calling a fair catch on the kickoff? I know you're not going to win but practice your returns.
  7. I wonder if Stetson will play the whole second half. Wonder how long Kirby will keep the first units intact.
  8. Heck, we may score another one before the quarter is over if we get another turnover. lol.
  9. Have we ever scored 35 in the first quarter?
  10. To add, think about last week. How many times were we supposed to beat SC and barely did or ended up getting beat. We finally blew them out. And the same thing with teams like Vanderbilt. It would end up being that one head-scratching loss we would get each year.
  11. Man. Up 28 and there's still just under 7 minutes in the quarter. This is the GA team I've been looking for doing this to the teams we should be doing it to.
  12. This is gonna be a blowout before the first quarter is over.
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