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  1. They have all the leverage they need. Ryan is not the kind of QB that's going to go somewhere else and be successful at this stage of his career. Now if it's just a money grab I could see him leaving. But he doesn't seem to be one to leave for that reason. I think he could be had at a bargain. I mean how much money does a person need? If he leaves it's either money grab or ego if it isn't a huge contract.
  2. And again, if a queen had a ding she'd be the king. Just a bad play call period, for THIS team.
  3. And oh yeah, add the fact that Julio had the most drops of any receiver in the league this year. Right through his hands. Wouldn't have mattered anyway. He got too close to the edge. His foot came down out of bounds. Just a huge fail all around, starting with the call.
  4. Matt ain't Montana and Julio ain't Dwight. And Dwight was coming across the back of the end zone. Totally different route.
  5. @JDaveG and @Vandy, comparing the Shanny situation to Sark is apples and oranges. Not even close. I provided a few good replies that directly answer what you are saying.
  6. And if the queen had a ding she'd be a king. You could use that for any argument about anything. That's irrelevant. The fact is it didn't come off because it had a small chance of succeeding in the first place. Period.
  7. Julio was targeted in the red zone 22 times and had 6 catches. So basically Sark went with a play that had a 1 in 4 chance of working, and then further diminished its success by confining it to 1/4 of the field. There were 18 out of 22 players on the field crammed into 1/4 of the field on a play that had a 25% chance of working apart from that. Ridiculous.
  8. Somebody already posted. Someone can delete.
  9. Yeah, that was much ado about nothing with Lavar Ball. That was made out to be something it wasn't.
  10. Greg Knapp sucked. The very antithesis of a Shanny style offense. But it seems we've even lost that under Sark.
  11. It would have compounded the SB, Dawgs loss, and Saturday's loss funk I was in. I might have been through after that. I know I wouldn't have watched any sports at least until next football season. But that last play win by Minny over NO lifted the cloud on the Dawgs and Saturday's loss, and I don't feel as bad about the SB loss now. NO losing in such horrible fashion really was a tonic for all that ailed me about those three games.
  12. I think they are both collateral damage of Sark being hired.
  13. I'd have to rewatch to see that, but we probably score if Matt doesn't throw the ball out of the side of the end zone on the fade on first down. HORRIBLE throw. Julio out-jumped the defender but the ball was too high and out of bounds.
  14. Just crazy. Maybe it shouldn't be this way, but for whatever reason, it totally 'healed' me from the SB loss, the Dawgs loss, and Saturday's loss against Philly. I'm really OK now. lol.
  15. Because he doesn't realize the problem IS Sark and the play calling.
  16. My wife jumped up and started screaming when he caught the ball and I started screaming "GET OUT OF BOUNDS!!!" It didn't even occur to me he was gonna run for the TD. We were both screaming like the Falcons had just won the SB on the final play of the game. lol.
  17. Yeah, 'compress' as in compress the last play of the game into one quarter of the field on the right side.
  18. Can a current head coach in say a west coast city in CA consult for the OC of another team?
  19. So you gonna change your name to supersaints24-23-4thquarter10secondsleft now?
  20. Of course we FAIL in a historic fashion. A very Falcon thing to do.