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  1. I just said this in another thread, that long pass to Ridley with Ryan stepping up in the pocket and flicking his arm for the completion was vintage 2016 Ryan.
  2. That step up in the pocket and flip of the arm to Ridley on the long pass was vintage 2016 Ryan. Looked good.
  3. I hope that means you're leaving. What an idiot post.
  4. Looked good in the first half. Other than still not being able to get a yard on 4th down.
  5. Nope. They actually showed up tonight in the series they should have.
  6. What a ridiculous list. Stafford on there, Rivers on there, etc, and not Ryan? Seriously, that's just an ignorant list.
  7. It never was about the win or loss. It's not about the win or loss this week. They showed up this week. They didn't last week. That's what all the complaining was about (at least from me). Even if it's preseason, at least show up. Your putting down and making fun of those that don't agree with you gets old. Just like some here at times have irrational overreaction to bad play, you have irrational optimism no matter what (as evidenced last year about Sark) in the same manner. Just because some don't agree with you doesn't make them idiots.
  8. Uh...is that legal?
  9. With Wentz being quoted as not being sure about being ready for the first game, this could have some impact if it's serious. _________________________________ Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles suffered a shoulder injury in the first half of Thursday night's preseason contest against the New England Patriots and did not return. While Foles said he felt "pretty good" after the game, he will have tests on his shoulder Friday, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. He was 3-of-9 in the game for 44 yards and had a fumble recovered and returned for a defensive score. More at the link: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2755392-eagles-nick-foles-suffers-shoulder-injury-vs-patriots-after-taking-hit-on-throw?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=nfl
  10. Yeah, heard a lot of that last season too. Unfortunately Sark never revealed them.
  11. Well like I've said a couple of other times, it's not the loss. We go 0-4 again, no big deal. It's the preseason. But at least show up and be entertaining and not stink up the place. At least make it enjoyable to watch.
  12. I guess I must have forgotten how bad the team was during last preseason then for him to say that. lol.
  13. To add, I just see Knapp as being a step back. Going backwards. Going back to the past. Let's move forward. Although after Shanny I guess anybody would feel like a step back. At least to me.
  14. I couldn't tell you, although knowing Eagles' fans they probably are. They booed Santa Clause, remember? lol. And it's not a meltdown. At least not for me. It's just commentary on how bad they looked even for a preseason game. You know we are all fans here just calling them like we see them. I'm not predicting a horrible season, etc. But we did suck to high heaven tonight even for a pre season game. It's just annoying and disappointing. Everybody doesn't deserved to be call out and made fun of just because they don't agree with another's viewpoint.
  15. I don't think anybody is complaining because of a loss. It IS just preseason. But even in preseason you'd hope that they wouldn't look like total crap whether they lose or not. This was just a totally inept team.