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  1. Never knew that, or thought about it, but I guess it makes sense.
  2. You know it's coming. lol.
  3. Watched him on College Football Final every Saturday night. Here's the story: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/02/04/espn-fires-rising-star-adnan-virk-after-investigation-into-leaked-information/?utm_term=.3f342db8d25a
  4. This. McVay just outsmarted himself. Went brain dead in the NFC Championship and the SB where Gurley was concerned. Totally out-coached.
  5. MVP Edelman or Michel?
  6. Ain't it the truth.
  7. Why wouldn't you kick the FG? You're up by 10 with just over a minute to go.
  8. This game is over barring some bizarre event.
  9. Michel is gonna get the MVP unless it's Edelman.
  10. Dumb Fowler.
  11. They'll keep feeding Michel.
  12. Perfect pass.
  13. Man. Almost a TD.
  14. Well there's the TD for Michel. 6 postseason TDs. If he's not the MVP for the SB he's definitely the Pats MVP for the playoffs.