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  1. Bears got taken on that. SF wasn't going to take Trubinsky.
  2. Bingo. That was for Rodgers.
  3. And we get to listen to another week of all the talking heads hangin off Rodgers...well, you know.
  4. Never turned his head.
  5. But you knew it was coming regardless.
  6. How about some holding there?!!!
  8. Watch the refs give SF a penalty for a first down on this third down.
  9. You gotta be kidding me.
  10. Old school.
  11. Bingo. We don't have to prove anything to anybody. This team should never stack the line to get a first down other than as a deception because we've proved we can't do it. Go with our strength instead of weakness as you said.
  12. Quinn probably wouldn't even had said anything much less go after him.
  13. This segment by Cowherd really impressed me about the Patriots. He doesn't mention the Falcons, I'm just using this to compare. Watch what he says about the Patriots' winning drive last night and contrast that to how we would have handled it. We'd have left enough time on the clock for the opposing team to get the ball back, play a soft zone, and let them beat us or at least come down to a last play like we did against Carolina and TB. I was just really impressed with the last drive and what he points out about it. As a matter of fact it's exactly what the Chiefs did on their last drive and the reason they lost. _______