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  1. Check out what Tim Legler said. The praise doesn't get much higher than this. Go to 1:32 for his take. And more after Vince talks. Up till then is just highlights.
  2. Yeah, like I told @Boise Falcon Fan last night sealed the deal. After last night though if we win this series I think it will be about what Trae and the Hawks did as opposed to how the Bucks lost, like they did the other two series as you mentioned.
  3. They were talking about it some but not like today. It seems that game last night sealed the deal.
  4. I will say this. Every story I've read and every story I've seen on ESPN or elsewhere, they are more than giving Trae his due. He's all they're talking about.
  5. This is the most time I've ever spent on the Hawks forum EVER in my history here. 🤣 To be honest I wasn't even paying attention until I started seeing stories on Trae during the Knicks series.
  6. Most points in a conf/div finals game age 22 our younger in NBA history. Tied with Lebron with 48 pts. Kobe had 45.
  7. And... 13 straight games with at least 20 pts and 7 assists, longest streak in NBA postseason history.
  8. Another first: Young scored or assisted on 72 points in game 1, most in a conference or a divisional game all-time.
  9. Think about all the greats that have played the game. Mind boggling. He also has several other firsts.
  10. Hey @Goober Pyle! This needs a thread! https://theathletic.com/2670612/2021/06/24/built-for-this-trae-young-atlanta-hawks-insist-there-is-no-surprise-to-historic-playoff-run/
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