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  1. Yep. Same here. I’d always think it should have been our second.
  2. The only thing that would come close would be actually winning a SB. But my mind still can't comprehend we lost that game. As of right now I'll never get over it. Hopefully I can find out if winning a SB actually works.
  3. In the video that @Tim Mazetti and someone else posted Sims and whoever was evaluating with him explained away that game pretty good and showing it wasn’t as bad as it looked and that he actually did a good job. Terrell was there but they were just great throws.
  4. Sims had Terrell as his number 2. The video has been posted here a couple of times.
  5. Well he thought the Saints would pick him because of need. It wasn’t that he had him rated that high. But if he’s going to criticize us he would’ve had to of criticize the Saints. So it still doesn’t make sense It have the Saints taking him either
  6. Atlanta Falcons: C Top needs: CB, Edge, RB, DT The pick that stunned me the most on Day 1 was Atlanta taking cornerback A.J. Terrell at No. 16. It's one of the biggest reaches of the past few years. Think of it this way: At No. 16, many teams can get a top-10 player on their own board. The Cowboys did that at No. 17 with CeeDee Lamb. Instead, Atlanta forced a pick for a position of need. Sorry, Falcons, but you're not a cornerback away from the Super Bowl. I have said for the past few weeks that there were likely to be a couple of Round 1 reaches for cornerbacks; it's a priority position, there was a drop-off after the top two guys, and teams want to make sure they get their guy. But Terrell was the No. 7 corner on my board (No. 61 prospect overall), and Noah Igbinoghene, Jeff Gladney and Jaylon Johnsonwere still available. Those are all better prospects than Terrell. This is just way too high. Marlon Davidson (47) is a solid pick, and he could move inside to defensive tackle, and interior offensive lineman Matt Hennessy has some versatility. Linebacker Mykal Walker (119) went almost 100 spots before I had him in my rankings. This comes down to a big-time reach in Round 1, and I just don't see Terrell as worth it. https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2020/insider/story/_/id/29056681/2020-nfl-draft-grades-mel-kiper-all-32-classes-best-picks-steals-sleepers#ATL
  7. Saban would have made that switch.
  8. Good take. Somebody posted that on the first night of the draft but I'm sure it's way down there by now and many haven't seen it.
  9. That's not what this thread is about. You have several people telling you to quit but you ignore it. The point is if you want to reveal them early you shouldn't be in this thread and ruin it for those watching ESPN or those that don't announce early. Are you like 10 years old or something? Thats' got to be the explanation.
  10. Not until you stop or are gone. He just banned one. Hopefully you're next.
  11. @Falcon from E posted after you said that. So you missed him. He's been doing it both days.
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