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  1. We already saw what he did under Mora. Hated his play calling then, don't want him now. No thanks. Get them ALL out of here. No retreads any more.
  2. Can Brady lead them to the win or tie here?
  3. If they don't score too soon.
  4. Pass instead of running the clock?
  5. AB could have made a little more effort on that.
  6. Seriously TB D? You allow that play and let them get a FG?
  7. Man, Evans would not be denied. If that was a Falcons receiver he would have dropped the ball in the first place much less catch it and make that kind of effort to get the TD.
  8. Well I can't disagree if you put it that way.
  9. Well he doesn't throw it away when even outside the pocket as we have seen several times this year. Still takes the sack. Obviously you can see situations where it isn't possible. But some you can see he certainly had time to dump it somewhere. You don't have to try and complete it. Just get it close to somebody. There is no way you are sacked 8 times and couldn't have thrown it away in a few of them.
  10. We are the 9th ranked offense in yards per game. 2nd in total passing yards; and yards per game.
  11. Well it probably is a factor. But he's 12 year veteran. He should know better by now.
  12. The point is, if the sack isn't on 3rd down, then you're not 7 yards or more further back to have to make a first. Obviously Captain Obvious if it's 3 sacks or incompletes it doesn't matter. But it can matter otherwise. 🙄
  13. This is one reason I like the Chiefs OC. I saw an article on The Athletic of Aaron Rodger's acceptance of pre snap motion, etc. We need some pizazz on offense.
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