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  1. Happy birthday. Nice cake.
  2. How's that? By virtue of a tiebreaker you mean? Edit: of course you're right. But still tied with NO. I thought you meant outright.
  3. He may be your backup, but you’ve got to let him throw the ball.
  4. They started doing this some a few years ago. Not sure of the reason.
  5. http://nflpickwatch.com is showing that 78% of the picks from over the internet so far are picking the Patriots. So 3 out of 4 are picking them.
  6. I agree. They're pretty close now. His O in the Rams game (the only one I have seen) looked better than ours all year, and that's with an average QB. In a year or two they'll be in the hunt for sure. It doesn't matter how player-unfriendly he is. They knew that when they signed him. I was hoping that we were going to get one more year with Shanny before he moved on.
  7. NFL Network showed Lynch sitting in the stands watching the game after he was ejected.
  8. That is definitely one weird looking dude. And the haircut doesn't help. lol.
  9. We've actually lost WORSE than that if consider the SB.
  10. Belichick and Brady only hug on the downlow. lol.
  11. Uh...don't you remember....never mind.