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  1. I think we would’ve made the Super Bowl again. We came within one play of defeating the eventual Super Bowl champs in the playoffs with a train wreck calling our offense.
  2. I don't see how he retains any credibility when he makes statements like that. Being a prisoner of the moment.
  3. Thanks. I see how to do that now. That's why I mentioned Free and Coleman at the beginning of the OP.
  4. He named Free and Coleman as the #2 backfield in the NFL. _____________ NFL Media analyst Bucky Brooks believes the New Orleans Saints have the best backfield in the league. When naming his top 5 backfields in the NFL on Up to the Minute, Brooks claimed the duo of Georgia native Alvin Kamara and former Alabama running back Mark Ingram are the “greatest backfield tandem of all-time.”
  5. Exactly what I was going to say. Last two times we played them GB really wasn’t even in the game.
  6. I was really surprised Cowherd had us at 4. I was thinking he’d put us about 7.
  7. Bingo. And they have a right to protect their business.. The thing is, the won't stop the media though. Now, instead of them reporting on who kneeled, and they'll report on who stayed in and try to make it a story.
  8. And when you’re ahead 28-3 at the end of the third-quarter all you have to do is tie the bow. Agreed, a season will never be more gift wrapped than that. Not even possible.
  9. Well let's just hope he breaks it this year.
  10. Just what I came in here to say. He hasn't denied it either in light of all the coverage it's getting.
  11. I personally wouldn't redo the contract, but I'd be surprised if the Falcons didn't if he really is requesting it.
  12. According to Pro Football Focus, Matt Ryan is among the highest graded quarterbacks during the 2017 season. Matt Ryan had a 88.6 overall grade, making him tied with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees for second highest overall grade. Ben Roethlisberger ranked fourth (88.5), and Carson Wentz ranked fifth (87.6). New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady took highest grade among quarterback in 2017. https://www.ajc.com/sports/matt-ryan-among-highest-graded-quarterbacks-2017/IUPbq3HJUmitGUUuWr2xvL/