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  1. Anybody subscribed to see where GA ranks? College football's top 25 future quarterback power rankings https://www.espn.com/college-football/insider/story/_/id/30930375/college-football-top-25-future-quarterback-power-rankings
  2. I am excited that AS is coming here to be coach. But the fact that AS couldn't adjust the offense to open Henry up in a playoff game does bug me somewhat.
  3. Everybody is acting like this is new news. We've known that BPA is the way for them since they were hired.
  4. Probably Zach, but I wouldn't be mad about Jones either.
  5. Kiper has Sewell as the #2 player on his board behind Lawrence.
  6. Happy birthday! You're a great American! Well, if in fact you are American.
  7. I wasn't rooting for the Bucs per se, I was rooting for Brady. It gave me a rooting interest in the game and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  8. Great video. I thought the clips from their interviews were cool. Never expected to see that. At 11:22, they didn't show the play, but that is where Smitty was pointing at and talking to Ryan after his first NFL pass was a TD.
  9. This is a protected link so all I can do is post the introduction. But he has the first four pics quarterbacks. Trevor Lawrence number one, Wilson number two, Lance number three by the Panthers via a Dolphins trade, and us taking Justin fields at number four. He has Mac Jones going to the Bears at number 12 via a 49ers trade. ______ The Buccaneers' dominant Super Bowl win on Sunday closed the 2020 NFL season and swung open the door on what promises to be an eventful and unusual offseason -- which of course includes the 2021 NFL draft. The Tampa Bay defense showcased what smart drafting
  10. I think they said it was the most this season. I heard them say that a couple of times. Interestingly, the second most yards this season was also Mahomes. In the SB it was about 497, and against the Raiders earlier in the season it was about 495. So it was in both of his losses.
  11. The first stat is pretty impressive. Matt is the only non running QB out of all five, and yes I'm considering Allen a running QB because he has a great set of wheels on him. The second stat could be misleading since you don't know how many times they've gone outside of the pocket to base that number on. It could very well be that Ryan's times outside the pocket are far less than the others, so his number may not be impressive in light of that. But that first stat is pretty good, especially in light of who the others are.
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