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  1. Fellas. Don’t shoot the messenger. It’s strangely odd to follow another NFL team.
  2. I also thought this... but he tweeted it today. He also began following the Cowboys an hour or so ago.
  3. Takk has tweeted some suspicious things on Twitter today. A star emoji and a Cowboy hat emoji. He is also now following the Dallas Cowboys on twitter. Is he hinting at a possible trade to the Cowboys? Tweets below. https://twitter.com/Takk/status/1178726691218350082 https://twitter.com/Takk/status/1178808379487207428
  4. Think we got a undercover AINT fan. Son... no call or not I don’t care... they lost!!!
  5. The saints hoisting a Lombardi trophy in the A “ain’t that serious”? You a Falcon fan? Always remember... a Saints loss is a Falcons win!
  6. “‘Aints: Refs cheated us!” “Rams: Hold my beer.” Hey Falcons... They ‘AINT winning N.O. Super Bowl in ATL!
  8. “Refs cheated us!”
  9. “Refs cheated us!”
  10. “Refs cheated us!”
  11. “Refs cheated us!”
  12. Per Vaughn McClure Deadrin Senat is out tonight vs Saints.