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  1. My B I kinnda jumped on this thread. The TO that pissed me off is the one in the red zone.
  2. I do, just like Beasley can be a premier pass rusher in this league. Our problem is the DC and HC calling stupid coverage's
  3. No, but seeing that your D has been your strong point of the team thus far have a little faith in them. Our HC is a former DC
  4. To get out of the half with the lead instead of tied and giving them them the ball
  5. It is really sad, like he is a good DC but the game seems too big for him
  6. You generalize it as a whole because the Department of Justice and the executive branch are the ones in charge of law enforcement in America. And when they refused or are unable to prosecute cases of police brutality then you protest. And since we're on the subject of disrespect for the American flag. Where was your outrage when groups walking around with the Nazi flag or Confederate Battle Flag are proudly protesting on American streets. If anything is disrespectful to a service member its American citizens carrying flags that American Service members died fighting against. I haven't se
  7. So in a country where phalando castill was shot and killed infont of his daughter we should be ok with that. Eff that, I am a veteran that proudly served my country. I face racism everyday but taking your advise I ( the person who signed up to fight and possibly die for this country) shouldn't support a protest that is trying to make America safer for people of color like me.
  8. Naw, Eason is hurt. Should be back after the by week
  9. All this outcry but I remember a lot of "fans" from this board doing the same to Miko Grimes.
  10. That was him as a head coach. I think having him just focus on the offense and we'll be fine
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