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  1. Does anybody know of a good fitness diet to get into? I need to tone my body up, but lose some weight to help.
  2. Does anybody know where you can get a good weighted vest and weighted leg weights? A friend of mine has a set that he wears when running, and I've also been wanting to get some.. Does anybody know where to get a good set for not alot of money?
  3. Woo pinned! I've been really busy.. So I'm feeling like a fatty.. I'm going to start getting on track soon, lol.
  4. Part of my thoughts on tone is getting my muscles tighter. But it's also shrinking to fat around them... The biggest guilty pleasure I drink right now is Sweet-T, and Blue Demon energy, lol. Once I get my work routine set in a normal motion, I'll start getting back into the gym
  5. Ya, one day I was at the gym, and maxed out on the squats machine.. so that was fun. But ya.. I need to get a good diet going. Not a diet diet, but more healthy, less fat, lol.
  6. Anybody know a good routine to start for toning up? I have alot of strength, but I want to tone up what I have... Legs are fine, I'm toning them nicely. Mainly the arms and stomach area I'm looking to tone.