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  1. Funny everyone forget Knapp was our OC once and at least half the message boards wanted his head on a pike
  2. Honestly any QB would have a terrible day when they get drilled every play by just a 4 man rush.
  3. This is funny because it’s true. They play in Atlanta lol.
  4. I gotta say it’s kinda shocking due to his contract, but the man must have been stinking it up in practice. Gotta cut your losses sometime.
  5. Thanks for sharing, I liked and subscribed. Dude is hilarious and is spot on. He definitely seems like he reads the message boards also, if not an active member lol.
  6. Getting Payton in here and if we won the super bowl with him it would feel like we sold our soul to get one.... and I think I would be fine with it lol
  7. How about the DC too? Having a great defense can help out a QB too. Short fields and such.
  8. Forney is one of the few falcons OL that I could get to 99 overall on madden during the Vick era.
  9. I’m glad Gurley came out to Atlanta to make a statement. He wants that long term deal.
  10. The fact is we beat some good teams this season. The fact also is we pooped the bed vs some bad teams. If we can play like we did vs the 49ers and game 1 vs saints, we can easily get back to the playoffs.
  11. I'm good with keeping Quinn as long as morris/Ulbrich stay in more involved roles next season. We have played much better defensively since they began more expanded roles
  12. It was a great video until the super bowl logo came up at the end and reminded me how Matt should have a ring too.
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