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  1. They won't retire the #12 for Brady?
  2. The fact is we beat some good teams this season. The fact also is we pooped the bed vs some bad teams. If we can play like we did vs the 49ers and game 1 vs saints, we can easily get back to the playoffs.
  3. I'm good with keeping Quinn as long as morris/Ulbrich stay in more involved roles next season. We have played much better defensively since they began more expanded roles
  4. It was a great video until the super bowl logo came up at the end and reminded me how Matt should have a ring too.
  5. And recovering fumbles and kicking great onside kicks
  6. He made that police officer signal a Falcons 1st down Lmao!
  7. Fromm looked like he had a weird windup. Like a sidearm kinda throw
  8. Bill Goldberg
  9. Glad to see Hoop back, but I'm more excited to see more of Lindstrom. He needs as much game time as possible to get ready for next season.
  10. I think he makes too much to be cut anyways
  11. Kaleb looked awful today. Hoping by next season he comes around and hopefully getting lindstrom back before the end of the year we can see how bad we are exactly before the Draft/FA
  12. Welcome back Larkin!
  13. He was good on madden.... that's where it ended.
  14. [quote name="Deep2Julio" post="9386561" timestamp="143269010 Also, all Scott can hit is the blunt apparently. He can't shoot for ****. Lmfao
  15. Mike Scott is such a garbage player. DB11 why do you like hin again?