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  1. [quote name="Deep2Julio" post="9386561" timestamp="143269010 Also, all Scott can hit is the blunt apparently. He can't shoot for ****. Lmfao
  2. Mike Scott is such a garbage player. DB11 why do you like hin again?
  3. Bruh. Come join me and D2J. We'll keep ya drunk. Lok
  4. Please Hawks. Send this game back to Atlanta at least 1 more time.
  5. That's Golden. Lol. I'm actually surprised how well Josh Smith has been shooting his 3s in the playoffs, aside from a few ugly ones in this series.
  6. I think Curry has a concussion man. That shot looked like an ATL Josh Smith shot. lol
  7. BTW serious question, who looks more high? Dova or Mike Scott? lol
  8. 3 Things from this game. 1. We hung in there on the road and almost stole this one away from the Cavs. 2. I really didn't like the play right before the end of the 4th. Why go for a 3 there when all you need is 2? I'd just let Teague go ISO like he was doing so well the entire quarter. Why make him shoot a 3 when we need 1 point to get ahead? 3. Overtime was ugly on offense. Only teague could make a shot, and even he was shaky. So many missed 3s... Mike Scott with mental lapse instead of going for rebound just let it bounce out assuming Cleveland touched it. He wasn't the truth this game. lol. Overall, I can't say I'm disappointed after the first 2 games in this series.... now THAT was disappointment. lol.
  9. Everytime cleveland makes a 3 the hawks drive down and shoot a quick 3 and always miss it
  10. **** the NBA's corrupted refs