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  1. If we get a 1 or 2 seed again I truly think the Falcons will be back in the bowl. Playing those playoff games in the dome last year in the dome played a huge difference,believe that
  2. It made it longer than I thought.
  3. In before thread gets locked
  4. He's depth for now, but if he improves he can make Rico expendable, and I like Rico, but I trust in Quinn
  5. Also the last year of his contract isn't it?
  6. Lmfao I totally get this..... All the time.
  7. Do we still have CJ Goodwin?
  8. What makes you think he will sign for cheap or "free" lol edit: actually AP did compare the NFL to slavery once, so maybe he will play for free.
  9. Would Atlanta get another team for the new stadium? Lol
  10. I like it KOG but I'm scared of our G situation.
  11. Crazy to cut also because the penalty on a 2nd rounder getting cut his first year is pretty harsh. Source: madden lol
  12. Yeah I thought Favre was calling him out on twitter or something lol. Misleading thread title is misleading
  13. Biggest disappointment: Jamaal Anderson #98. worst? Maybe Jason Webster?
  14. I trip myself out sometimes.