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  1. Everyone's ratings got dropped to make the stars stand out more. I actually like the concept. A 99 WR in 09 wasn't really any better than a 90 WR.. This will make players more beneficial.
  2. I love Vick and hope he gets another chance. I can't wait to play against him one day. As long as we win.. : )
  3. Just bored... I think Yao Ming at WR would be fun.. lol
  4. I have nothing to say about this except i love your sig. Eminem is the best rapper alive! That is all
  5. I really can't wait for Vick to get back in the NFL. He is the most exciting player to ever play the game. No matter what anyone says.
  6. He wasn't simply the best, he set the NFL record.
  7. I really don't see what evidence anyone has that clearly shows he has done something worth being cut for...
  8. Im not against people who believe in fairy tales. It's your choice. Go back and read my threads instead of pretending to have any form of intelligence. I was pointing out that if you crazies want to come into threads telling everyone "you should pray for him..yada yada" then it should be no problem for someone like myself to respond.
  9. Please don't prove my point even further that you don't have an argument by using "IQ scores" as a determining factor. IQ can be determined when you are 6 years old. By that logic, i guess any 6 year old with a high IQ that believes in Santa Claus should be taken for their word. IQ translates into the ability to learn, not how smart you are. Clearly you aren't very smart, regardless of your IQ scores. Try again.
  10. Every time i say to myself "OK, enough is enough, stop arguing with the crazies", someone says something absolutely ******** like that. If you don't know the difference (major) between hope and prayer, you should check with a dictionary. Hope has nothing to do with prayer. While both are equally powerless and effect the outcome in no way, one involves 'talking to god'. Get a grip people.
  11. Once Monte Kiffin left for college ball, Johnson took the throne of the best DC in the league bar none
  12. First off, as i stated i wish Jim Johnson the best and hope he recovers from this. If religious crazies want to go around telling everyone else that "you should pray" for this and that, those who disagree with that rationale should be able to respond. I would hope anyone with an illness would understand that being proactive in fighting it with logical methods is far more beneficial than superstitious methods such as 'praying'. Us praying for him does nothing but make yourself feel better. Send a donation, far more effective way of helping.
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