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  1. Dude, we get it. You came up with a trade scenario that you think is really smart.
  2. Can someone post a link to highlights that show the dropped/overthrown/whatever pass to Roddy? I haven't been able to find it anywhere
  3. TD has said over and over that it starts with the pass rush. It can only make our secondary that much better in giving them the opportunity to make plays on the ball when the pass rush is good. With JA's move to the middle I wouldn't be surprised to see an addition on the edge.
  4. Give him a whirl http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/trainingcamp10/news/story?id=5430063
  5. New site is miserable. Can't find anything and there is little functionality to some of the pages unlike the old site. First thing that comes to mind is you can't sort the roster page by categories. And what kind of position nomenclature is this? Co (CB), Wi (WR)?! Ok, it's the first two letters of the position but that is just confusing. Navigation at the bottom is stupid too. edit: It would be fail on my part not to mention the newsfeed too. Twitter only? No thanks. Less and less of a reason to even visit this site.
  6. Just get it over with and give Denver our 1st and 3rd for Dumervil
  7. He'll be in camp, producing for the team and making money all at the same time. Go to bed.
  8. Had a great time watching the game at Maxies today (19th and Park). THey put one of the flat screens on in the corner for my buddy and I. The manager is very willing to accomodate. Would extend his hospitality (sound?/more tvs?) based on more fans. Definitely should gather some bird fans for there next week.
  9. I live at 15th/5th. Going to Maxies Bar/Grill at 19th/Park right now. I know last minute, but maybe next week we can get a crowd together for somewhere.
  10. Just moved here from Atlanta/Charleston. Went to no end to try and get DirectTV in my apartment, but not happening. Anyone have a place they watch games or have watched games here in Manhattan? I'm by Union Square but would go anywhere conducive to watching the birds. If there is a crowd I would love to get together a crew and take over somewhere to watch the birds regularly, but any suggestions appreciated.
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