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  1. I planned on going to a game or two this season, but $50 is the cheapest seat in the house, and a bad seat at that, and when you add the cost to travel 200 miles to watch, yeah, money is the reason I sit in a cushy seat at home and watch the games. And did I mention the price of adult beverages? I can get 12 here for the price of one there. Call me a bad fan if you want. At least I can say I've been a 'bad fan' since the 70's. I think the Panties will get my vote.
  2. My other nightmare... ...missing lots of the CBS broadcasts due to living in the Titans viewing area, and being too cheap to get NFL Sunday Ticket.
  3. I still see it as 3 straight Bye weeks. Who are the 49ers and Bears? I mean, really? I'm only concerned about the potentially slippery slope after the Monday Nighter. Way too many games against good teams. But hey, championship caliber teams aren't built by beating losing teams. We're gonna see just what the Falcons are made of this year.
  4. Brutal schedule, but hey, the Falcons can do it. lol, 3 straight Bye weeks? How nice!
  5. Also, Sunday, April 12th, 6pm EST, Falcons v Bears is on NFL Replay. And yeah, that's NFL Network, for those that didn't realise I was adding to the NFL Network lineup.
  6. Wow, everybody, just chill. It's all gonna be fine. We're trading Vick for the entire Detroit Lions team. :P
  7. Republicans VS Democrats = STUPID Bipartisanship is ignorance, IMO... ...give us a FREE world, you bass trds... Go NFC!!
  8. NE can have tuck rule, but not Arizona? BS. See below.
  9. Big thanks to the entire organization! Can't wait to for next season to start!
  10. Just bring this type of defense back for a minute. They did it with a bunch of "nobody's". This is kind of what Philly and Chicago have been known for.
  11. I'm gonna say it again and again and again if I have to. DB is the biggest priority! Houston was HORRIBLE in coverage and Milloy is possibly leaving. Get Peppers and the D line is solid for at least a season. You guys can argue about the rest of the positions. I don't see any immediate needs outside the two I listed. Perhaps LB, with Brooking slowing like he is, but that's just my opinion.
  12. Ok, more and more pages keep getting added while I'm reading, so I'll just get this over with... I don't pay much attention to college football outside the SEC, so I didn't know much about Ryan. I simply waited to see if he could produce. I'm glad I waited. He's gonna be special for years to come.
  13. I love it too!! Gonna be a very interesting offseason.
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