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  1. Good pickup. Our offense is looking pretty good right now, just need the defense to make some improvements and we should be pretty decent this year. Geaux Saints!
  2. Hopefully you were able to get tickets in the Cowboys section of the GA dome. The Steelers section can get pretty rowdy - you don't want to sit there week after week.
  3. Falcons. Historically, presently, futurely. I realize the South's been around awhile now, but the Panthers and Bucs are still too new on the schedule for me really to give a crap about them. Honestly, I wish the 49ers were still in the division - got years of payback coming to them.
  4. No rain here. I think you misread what I wrote - I am not saying Grant did or did not do anything, all I was responding to was some guy saying that Vick had 'allegedly' killed dogs and that Vick and Grant's situations were exactly the same at this point. If Grant is guilty of anything, I hope the judge or jury finds him that way and he pays the consequences. I would say this about anybody.
  5. Actually, it's not even close to the same thing. Charles Grant has been indicted for involuntary manslaughter. That means a grand jury wants to question him on suspicion of being involved in a matter. That's as far as we are right now. He has allegedly been involved in something - someone has indicated him in a crime. Vick is in jail. He was indicted by a grand jury and then agreed to plead guilty in return for the DA's suggestion of leniency to the court. There is nothing alleged about Vick's legal situation right now. By the way, the Falcons' fans were rougher on Vick than any rival ever was. Well, maybe not ANY rival, but the vast, vast majority. Just calling him "YKW" or "Voldemort" or whatever instead of Micheal Vick is indictment enough of the Falcons' fanbase.
  6. That's good advice considering all the rivals who come on hear and attack YKW for allegedly killing dogs! Vick pled guilty. Vick. Pled. Guilty. This means he admits to doing it. Most of TATF has accepted that he did it, time to get on board WFW. Nonetheless, I am amazed at how restrained the RC crowd is so far on this topic.
  7. Oh well - was hoping he might be able to suit up for us, but I think most of us realized what we were getting in Morgan. No one was counting on Morgan to start or even contribute on many snaps. Our LBs are still an improved bunch with the addition of Vilma and the upgrades on the line.
  8. Pure football is full of elitist and snobs, TAFT is whacked out, RC is the place to be. Talk some football and put your rivals in their place...where would you rather be than right here, right now? Nearly 2,000 places spring to mind, but as far as the Falcon's messageboard goes, this is the place to be. By the way - anyone playing Goal Line Blitz? That site is addictive as ****.
  9. Finally, a new topic to discuss. /sarcasm
  10. So what QB are you guys targeting in 09'? None, besides with the 32nd pick in the draft we'll end up waiting until the later rounds. Another little note: Guess what SEC school has had a player selected in the NFL draft every year since 1970 but DID NOT have one selected this year?
  11. Nice game - congrats on the win. As a Saints' fan, I am accustomed to pulling for the underdog Awesome to see Goliath staggered, hope to see him slain. Even if the part of David is played by Atlanta
  12. The Saints gave up a lot? How so? The seventh pick was worth 1500 points on the draft trade chart. The tenth pick was worth 1300 points. Our 3rd round pick, #78 was worth exactly 200 points. So, an even trade would have been our #10 and #78 for the Patriots #7. But WE GOT an extra pick from the Patriots, #164. So, we gave up less than their pick was worth. And with that pick from NE, we took Carl Nicks, a huge steal by all accounts. I think the Saints did the right thing getting Ellis at #7 and they screwed the Bengals who wanted him dearly! I wish the Saints would've jumped to #2 and taken Dorsey who we were not going to take all along...and that would've been our buyout clause if Ryan fails since dorsey would've been no longer available! You are incredibly concerned about looking silly when/if this Ryan thing doesn't pan out, and with reason. IF he doesn't pan out, your fanbase is going to absolutely implode. He has until Vick gets out of jail to win a superbowl. I figured the Falcons were going to take Dorsey but had my fingers crossed that Ryan was going to be the pick. Honestly, I almost cheered as loud for the Falcons' pick of Ryan as I did for the Saints jumping up for Ellis. I think all 4 teams had decent drafts. The Panthers' moves puzzled me a lot - for the same reasons that have been mentioned already. The Falcons did a little too much trading around for my tastes as well. How many picks did you have when the draft started? How many guys did you end up with? 5th round and up "steals" don't impress me until they actually make the team and get into the game. The Saints had a couple of those "steals" this year I am your team did as well. I'll wait til midseason to start patting the Saints' FO's back on those picks. Did anyone see the ESPN coverage of the draft? (I flipped between both) Berman, Young and the whole crew looked positively forlorn when the Saints actually picked at #40. I wonder if they didn't want the Shockey trade to occur more than the Saints and Giants did. Was a really weird reaction by the crew.
  13. Not A Falcon fan SO I want them to pick Ryan... Fixed it for you. Same sentiments here.
  14. I spit my beer out the first time I saw "Tampon Gay #####inqueer." What a brilliant bastardization of every single syllable.
  15. This has been the most boring offseason in quite some time. At least on our end. I imagine that getting a new coach and a potential star running back has the Falcon faithful at least somewhat excited.
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