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  1. Just wondering if ppl think we have two legit starter on the team or we will pick up Grady or even Colman off the street? http://goallineblitz.com/game/signup.pl?ref=13660943 fun game for the offseason
  2. the 98 nfc championship game,they showed the vikes owner with like 6 min left and he was sooooo happy and was planning his trip to the SB rofl
  3. I havent been this excited about a offseason and season in a long time.I think our running style O will control the clock shorten the game and keep our D fresh.Our stong running game will also allow Matt to have bigger holes to throw the ball.I also think our wideouts are one of the up and coming squads in the league.My biggest question is how will our safteys hold up in a cover 2 but other than that i feel we have a solid foundation.We have our big 3 Ryan,Tuner(Jrock),White and in this league ya need that and these guys will have a chance to play a long time together.Being a big UGA fan i love our D coor ,and i think Smith has the mindset we need to be sucessful,my biggest worry is Mike M. and his O philosphy.
  4. Matt Leinart had a ton of talent around him i can name a ton of players that played with Leinart.can ya name anyone on Matt Ryans team?!?Didnt think so asshat
  5. WE have a new QB and vick is banned from football and Godell will no reinstate him till 2011.he will be 35 lol gg he failed
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    We should have a troll forum there are so many on our boards!
  8. Tuner will get around 1350yds 350 recieving and like 12 td's
  9. Redman may start and finish the season who knows.We could have a possible Chargers situation but we would keep Ryan and get something of value for reman and keep D.J. and Joey as back ups
  10. saints-byon scott Rofl bucs-jermane phillips panthers-steve smith
  11. This year we have depth that we have never had before,and we will get alot more outta our guys
  12. Matty Ice all the way,He really does look alot like Big Ben and has more presence in the pocket than any qb in the Nfc South
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