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  1. The democrats got him? I could have sworn AMERICAN TROOPS GOT HIM.
  2. Those posters aren't limited to posting in their own threads you know, the stupidity emanates throughout TATF.
  3. Actually, it's the stupid overreacting posters who decry our defense after a single preseason game who make this place uninteresting, unless you just enjoy having to sift through the garbage for the quality posts.
  4. Shockley..... Redman was terrible today and he's getting paid 4 million dollars. Shockley may not be the ideal backup, but he's at least AS GOOD as Redman is, maybe better at this point, and he costs 3.25 million less.
  5. I think this is a stupid thread.
  6. Good grief.... why do people fail to grasp the concept of the pre-season? You all realize that the sole purpose of preseason games is to try out new things, get a look at certain guys who you don't plan on starting, see who works best at what positions, sort out the depth charts.... i could go on and on. A pre-season game is a glorified scrimmage, with the only payoff being some good player evaluation material for the coaches to work off of. There's a reason you only see the 1st stringers out there for 1 or 2 series. In short: chill the f*** out.
  7. ♦ News: Colossal draft bust Jimmy Williams is suspended for a year by the NFL for using some kind of drug. ♦ Why should you care: Because Williams now resides in Falcons’ lore as one of their great day-one draft disasters, along with (you might want to cover your eyes for this): Aundray Bruce, Marcus Cotton, Steve Broussard, Mike Pritchard, Bruce Pickens, Tony Smith, Devin Bush, Nathan Davis, Michael Booker, Reggie Kelly, Bryan Scott … OK, that’s all I can do without falling over. But there is good news. The Falcons will never draft another Hokie! (we can only hope) ♦ Views: It’s scary to thin
  8. Which frustrates me even more, because Lowe v. Halladay would have been a great duel. KK vs. Halladay is just not a fair fight.
  9. You've been sounding like a moron for 5 years now. You aren't "every single Braves fan," you're just representative of the lunatic fringe that doesn't have a clue what they are talking about and who the rest of us wish would just shut their mouths and quit making Atlanta fans look as stupid as Mutts fans.
  10. You are 100% ******** on this one. In that same time span, how many other teams, aside from the Yankees, had multiple world series championships? How about multiple world series appearances? You're just a spoiled little kid who got used to having such a great baseball team for so long. Other teams have gone decades without being able to make the playoffs. You're so out of touch, it's not even funny.
  11. Pisses me off because I was hoping to go to the game this coming Friday and see Lowe get the start. I think I might have to wait till Saturday now since Kawakami is going to get the start Friday night... I don't really want to waste my money to see us get pounded by the Jays with KK on the hill.
  12. Good game everybody. See y'all tomorrow.
  13. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNELLLlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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