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  1. Joey Mbu had 55 snaps last year, Grady Jarrett had 267, Babineaux had 549.
  2. I just assumed you were on your period since you call strangers that don't agree with you stupid and disgusting. Oh, and I know what is important in life. High team morale and 20,000 posts on a fan message board, right?
  3. Sorry I offended you ma'am. I feel just awful that my stupidity disgusted you. You aren't going to faint on us are you? 4-12 apparently wasn't good enough for Hardy and he got upset with the lack of effort from some of his Cowboy teammates. So what? Sounds like an attitude we need a little bit more of around here to me. Some of us aren't content with losing year after year with high "morale".
  4. Fifty years of choir boys hasn't gotten us the trophy. I am ready for the Falcon filter to go away. Sign some mean, angry football players for a change. What's the worst that could happen? Oh no, we didn't win the Superbowl in our 51st attempt or maybe Hardy punches Ryan in the face for sliding too early. I'll get over it.
  5. I think 500 is reasonable with a condition. If you really want to post a topic sooner, it costs $1.00. I'll volunteer to be the AFMB treasurer.
  6. You people are so gullible. Obviously our mastermind GM has sent Stupar to the aints as a spy. Nate will be sending covert tape footage back home and is under orders to pee in Brees' cheerios every morning.
  7. This is true. A big part of the difference in linebackers is how quick they can recognize where they need to go on each play, not how fast they get there after the decision is made.
  8. Don't we have to save about five or six million to sign the rookies?
  9. Re-signed and resigned are opposites. Just a public service announcement. Carry on.
  10. I always wanted a Shelby. Shelby and Beasley are gonna beast and feast on quarterbacks. I can't wait for third down.
  11. Whine all you want but it is an improvement. Welcome back Matt!
  12. He doesn't use a bicycle seat. He finds just the plain post more comfortable.
  13. That is only about $461,000.00 per catch. He'll probably have to work another side job in the offseason.
  14. I way 228, how much do you guys way? I notice a lot of rookie new threads, so they deserve this.
  15. We had better get a decent backup. We have been very lucky, but one of these seasons MR2 is going to get hurt and be out for more than a few games. That will be bad.
  16. If the man can continue to get rid of the old dead wood, like Roddy Miko White, he is ok in my book.
  17. Those are the worst pie charts I've ever seen. Who picks five shades of gray and red to do a freaking pie chart. We know what the team colors are. Edit: Ok, now I see you can mouse over the pie slice and the pick name will pop up.
  18. I'm glad Roddy is gone. He was too old, overpaid, and too mouthy and hot headed for my tastes. I hated all his stupid penalties. I think he did have trouble learning the system and if you aren't where your QB expects you to be, you won't be targeted as often even if you are open. When we did try to use him for something he could still do, blocking, he whined about it like a little girl. I hope he does go to someone in the division so we can use Bierman to cover him twice a year, but I think they're all too smart to pick him up, even with a prove it type deal. I want my team to win and we can use Roddy's salary better elsewhere. Let's get young, fast, and have a little class like Julio.
  19. I guess there are ways to ask it that are alright with the league. Do you like gladiator movies? Ever seen a grown man naked? You ever pack any fudge? Perhaps you prefer someone to pack your fudge for you?
  20. Is there a 30+ year old guy that will command 10 million a year that the board doesn't want? We want Super Mario, Charles Johnson and now Megatron. Oh, and Alex Mack too.
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