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  1. He has been solid considering we have zero pass rush. Half of you do not know football.
  2. He would just give the ball to Jamal Anderson every play lol
  3. Give Matt a actual offensive line or put him on a team with one and a defense. Watch him ball out.
  4. Trufant is solid. Why the hate? Because he doesnt get INT? He doesnt get a penalty a game like Alford. He is our only consistent DB. Drew brees and others have picked on Alford and avoided Trufant for years.
  5. He proved we dont need him and shouldve picked a linemen last year...
  6. Allen got outplayed by kazee. Allen never held anything together
  7. yall hust now noticing he sucks huh. I was called a troll for this statement once...
  8. We need to lose so we can draft an undersized LB thats fast or a undersized OL that knows the system. Cant wait s/
  9. We have drafted pass rush the last couple years and still have no pass rush. Nice job
  10. He just finished a play jarrett made. Then went back to being irrelevant.
  11. I shed a tear for that block on josh norman by jake matthews . Payback for what norman did earlier to julio.
  12. Roddy whats up with all the drops, “Vick throws too hard”.
  13. One of the reasons, yes. They are on playoff contending teams. So naturally we should be ready for them right? We are not. Dont worry our PFF grades are great until we play real defenses lol. Pff grades dont tell the whole story. Like how and why our offense production went down. Sure, blame the OC. I blame it on the neglect of the OL. Matt has no time to let play develop. So our play calling and scheme is forced to help and that hides how bad the OL really is. Next season I will be sure to make a post after every game for you with video because you seem to just go off of Pff grades. Btw the saints DL is going to tear us apart next year. I hate it but its coming.
  14. Did you watch the playoffs? Where we actually played good defenses. Where Aaron donald had ten preasures before half. Did you watch the Eagles DL beat us by themselves. Have you seen Matt get punished for years now?
  15. Props lol... just like fans. Sure hes good but you cant get him the ball when the qb has no time. For years matt has been running for his life. The saints DL just got better and so far our OL is worse than ever. Sad but we got a wr yay. FO is trying to sell seats Period
  16. Roddy was holding us back not Shannahan. He also ruined the locker room his last year IMO. He is gone and we now have 3 wrs outside of Julio who can do what he did.
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