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  1. Just saw Kiper now has us picking Vontae Davis with our 24th pick......if we dont get Dorsey....there is noone i want in this draft more than Davis...I have to hope Kiper has this one fairly accurate
  2. i agree completely....defense is deeper in this draft compared to the TE class....there are so many LB's and DT's we can get in the second round that would be closer to #24 caliber, but after pettigrew is gone, there isn't much out there.....and I personally dont wanna witness a sophomore slump next season (Ryan)....they gotta get him a baller at TE to help him out.....
  3. I would rather win 3 games a year than have punks on the team. I remember all to well D-Halls mouth costing us the game against the panthers 2 years ago and receivers dancing around in the endzone with shirts saying "Free Mike Vick".....Last year we got to watch class acts play the game the right way and we happened to win more than we lost...but even if they dont repeat last years performance, they still represent the great city of atlanta better than any falcons team in recent memory. I am sure pacman made other high school kids look like little boys but he isnt doing a whole lotta good for
  4. Everyone does have flaws...but not everyone lives the life of a role model and makes the money of a NFL player. They should be held to a higher standard, anyone who thinks it is ok to make millions of dollars a year and being shoved in children's faces as idols while they do some of the stuff they do, is an idiot.
  5. I have no doubt this guy has had a rough time...All it takes is a rough time for everything to make sense again and you see everything you did wrong. But mark my words, as soon as he is living the high life again, which he will, he will be back where he started. Had an unbelievable chance with Miami and blew it. Now he will most likely get a chance with an NFL team based merely on his athletic skill, but I sure hope he comes no where near Flowery Branch come training camp. Al Davis will give him a shot, he likes punks. Long Live TD!
  6. so after reading the same posts over and over on the first 3 pages arguing whether he was as bust or not...i skipped the last six...so forgive me if i have repeated what someone has said....Anyone who remembers how much Mckay and Co. talked up JA98 when he was drafted remember that he was not discribed as a situational or "limited' DE....he was someone who had the body to stop the run yet the quickness to get to the QB...SO he has in fact come up short in his expectations not only of the fans but of the organization. TD is not Mckay and will bring in guys who will succeed. i hate to say it h
  7. Any time Michael Turner is healthy...The passing attack is very scary!!!! Ryan proved he could capitalize his rookie year and he is doing it right again this offseason. I do think our Offense in general is very scary....if healthy
  8. lol why dont we just hire pete carroll and put the trojans up against tampa next year...
  9. I agree....but good for him....maybe i should try that diet
  10. am i the only one who didn't think wire did such a bad job...i thought he played pretty well when given the chance...was surely and upgrade over boley after the way that joker played last season.
  11. packers wont let him go without a fight...they'll do something to make him happy
  12. I was reading an article on Rotoworld about Rolle not able to take the long hard practices cause he is epileptic or something. I dont care what the guys age is but if you are getting paid 4 million a year, then you better be able to take a long day's work. No Way TD takes a chance on a guy that can't practice like the rest of the team.
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