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  1. loL@ half the AFMB HOF posters being banned
  2. dead serious, that was the thing that pushed my dislike over the top to pure hatred of the Lakers
  3. your team is lucky Oden isnt in game shape yet, Tyson looked overwhelmed last night How big was Posey for you guys though.. MAJOR.
  4. Capt Crunch>>>>>>>>>>> us So Cal people know our stuff
  5. *high fives Shaud* I've clearly explained my teams & why 500 times USC Angels Falcons Pistons
  6. Tonight was almost better than the 04 Finals. The LWO didnt want none of me tonight, Beckam was like 3 rows below me & he didnt want none either. AI, Sheed & Tay = 70 pts even Kwame Brown aka Hollywood Cake got a double double. great night, now I must hit Ivar & celebrate with more **** talking
  7. Red Sox fans are the worst. Plus we own the Yankees in the Post Season, the Red Sawx not so much..
  8. an opinion on what great talent is??, I don't know what this means. What does USC have to do with this newbie? I'm not putting a downer on your excitement, I actually appreciate it.. Just lets not be loony, Michael Jenkins has been trash, worse than trash 98% of his career, I have seen the past two games & I PRAY this is him from now on but lets not crown him yet. it is something that great posters like myself, Shaud, Billywitchdoctor, the GREAT HEADSHOT, Norwood, etc all keep strong.
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