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  1. I particulary agree with the regression in play from 2008. I keep thinking back to that time and remember how much better they seemed to be than today. Right now the Saints, Packers and maybe the 49ers are clearly ahead of the Falcons in the NFL pecking order. Heck, if the Falcons had to play the Giants or Cowboys at their place in a playoff game it wouldn't surprise me at all if they lost to either one. The moves that were made last offseason didn't work, and there will still be more questions this next offseason I'm sure.
  2. This is probably the only message board where you can't get on during a game, just ridiculous. I stopped last year and I doubt the problem will be fixed anytime soon.
  3. Pretty simple, the changes that were supposed to make them better aren't working now, and while I've been behind Ryan unfortunately I think he's reached his ceiling and this is as good as he's going to be. Disappointing because I had faith in the front office and the coaching staff, but I'm starting to doubt them now.
  4. I still like Ryan, but has he reached his ceiling? This year will be telling in that area.
  5. Just frustrating and tough to watch. If a team wants to contend for a Super Bowl they shouldn't look this bad. The Bears just took it to us and we had no counterpunch at all. Let's just hope this isn't a sign of things to come.
  6. It's the preseason and will be forgotten once the regular season starts, but the opener in Chicago will be a very telling game. We'll see what direction the season will go after that game.
  7. The preseason is immediately forgotten when the first game of the regular season starts. So no, I'm not concerned. This team will be just fine.
  8. Agree, except that when you get a #1 seed in the playoffs you best take advantage of it because who knows when the opportunity will be there again. The Saints did just that last season, and I really thought the Falcons would do the same. It may very well happen, but the NFL window of opportunity is only so big.
  9. As others have said, once the game became a shoot-out I knew it was big trouble. The Packers could've named the score. The holes on the Falcons' defense were bigger than we all probably realized, and now with a third straight offseason of working on it there needs to be real improvement now. Just really tough to see getting a #1 seed and home field in the playoffs crash and burn like it did.
  10. This is the time for the Falcons to show they're the Super Bowl contenders we think they are. They've never had this good of an opportunity before and may never have it again. Most of the country outside of Georiga and the Southeast still seem to doubt how legitimate they are, and now is the time to put those doubts to rest. This should be a lot of fun to watch.
  11. So much for Trent Dilfer predicting the Saints would no doubt win again in the Georgia Dome on their way to a return trip to the Super Bowl. I certainly would've loved for the Falcons to knock them off their perch but I'll take this.
  12. I would like nothing more than to take the Saints down and to no longer call them defending Super Bowl champs. It will be a different outcome should we play them again.
  13. I'm also looking for tickets to the Saints game, I'll keep checking here.
  14. A great game and the Falcons responded the way a championship team should. In the last minute when I thought no way did they just fall behind, they didn't blink. I see momentum going full speed with this team now, and just keep winning and things will work out like they should in the end.
  15. Is Philly off the schedule for a while after this year, I hope? They just make us look bad every time we play them.
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