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  1. Haven't checked the boards in a few years honestly because its always like a Rollercoaster of emotions.. but every now and then it can be funny to watch :P
  2. You don't automatically win Superbowls by signing all the free agent "big names" you can, if it doesn't make sense based on the state of our team and the state (or age) at which the FA is in his career. The Eagles picked up as many people as they could, but the Jets did that last year... they didn't win it all. People that are pessimistic after all we have done is take a 13-3 team that now has more seasoning and people who helped us get to that 13-3 point in the season are healthy + we added an incredibly talented WR to be our #2 as well as a proven Defensive End to start across from John Abraham... I just don't understand how you can be pessimistic at all. The Green Bay game was an anomaly, Aaron Rodgers was playing out of his mind, and our Secondary had a bad game, it wouldn't happen like that again this year.
  3. I like Mike Johnson a lot, but Reynolds is a monster... it is gonna be fun to watch.
  4. Can't really slow down this Hype machine with what he is showing in camp so far man, might as well go with it
  5. I'll be in Chicago, we are actually going to drive up to see the Green Bay vs Saints opening night on Thursday, then headed back to Chicago for the weekend
  6. Why is it so loud in there on offense? There can't be that many bears fans cmon..
  7. I hate them the most because they are next on the schedule
  8. Honestly after what we've seen every single week since the new FO and coaching staff has been here, I have no doubt he will be in when he is absolutely ready and he will be productive in any role he plays. I don't even worry about this stuff anymore.
  9. We are going to stomp all over them in our Throwbacks next week maaaan!
  10. I tried to tell people our LB crew was solid, one of the strengths of the team with how much energy they play with, it rubs off on everyone.
  11. Our team is built to play in cold weather, we loooooove to run the football.
  12. We'll see what happens in the regular season, but I saw nothing but good things from Lofton in basically just base defensive sets all preseason.
  13. Its really weird how you hear polar opposite reviews on Nicholas all the time, I like the guy and I think he is going to be a good player for us long term and I thought that was pretty much consensus. Then I hear people calling 680 saying he sucks, and reviews on here saying we need a linebacker, I don't know where this is coming from. I think people are just too critical some times looking for things going wrong and never seeing the positive. Our LB group is probably the best unit we have.
  14. I like what i see, even if he isn't ready to go first week, its more important to be ready to go week 3 going against randy moss. Week 1 we play a running team that features a small faster WR in Ginn who our CBs don't have a mismatch against. Week 2 steve smith, who I'm sure will torch us but we should be fine against them as well.
  15. If LT Started they would have ran more and we, as you know, have been playing the run very well, so yes it could have been different. Gates would have made no additional impact as they were already throwing all over the field. Everyone knows that the regular season speed is a totally different animal, in the preseason offensive teams always impose their will because its easier to do so with the Defense playing more basic sets, and a lot of the older players just going through the motions trying not to get hurt.
  16. Like I was saying in another thread, This was a great test for us to get some good tape on us trying to defend a prolific passing team. We showed some flaws and some areas for improvement and that is all you can ask for in a preseason game like this. Sure our CBs were getting beat, but they were getting beat by incredible plays, if we would have gotten some pass rush the story could have been different. I think if this were a regular season game, and John Abraham were going full speed not trying to avoid injury as he always does in the preseason, it could have been totally different.
  17. Honestly, Philip rivers has a cannon and those WRs were making incredible plays. You can't really expect many CBs to stop that if we are getting no pressure at all. Sure I'd love to have some taller guys who can go up and contest those balls, but they were near perfect throws and athletic catches. I'm just thankful we were able to play a team this good in the preseason, its the first real test we've had and we need these kinds of mistakes on tape before the regular season.
  18. I love that our throwbacks are so sick, I wouldn't want to wear them all the time it wouldn't be as special.
  19. I gotta get a Lofton throwback I was wanting to get a black jersey anyways, why not
  20. I like the idea that we are playing mainly base formations in preseason, not trying to put too much on tape for our regular season opponents. I mean cmon we threw to Tony G 1 time haha.
  21. pretty sure baldy is calling all our preseason games again
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