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  1. oh my god.....really!!!!!wow, i think im gonna blow a gasket...not
  2. ok so basically its the players that have the biggest cap hit if we cut them before the june 1st releases? i thought cutting alge would have been a big hit, i know he made some money..
  3. i never got a full understanding of why teams wait til june 1st to cut players. if that is the case, then why didnt they wait to cut dunn or alge?
  4. It will be bumped until The Regginator is acquired. Do the right thing TD! the regginator???hahahahaha, u are a funny dude atl..
  5. and if blank and td really read this message board and considered the things we say, (georgiafan), dj shockley would be our starter next season...hahahahhahahahha
  6. well keep your **** opinions to yourself..you are a virus to the message board..
  7. asante samuel, and lito sheppard and a healthy chris mccalister are better than terrance newman, ronde barber, and nathan vasher on your list..
  8. hey birdie...stop making threads..no one likes you..you are a hypocrite.
  9. birdweiserrr, you are a b****..you find every single way to talk about either vick or dhall in a bad way..u racist son of a b****..you are probably the most hated person on this message board. one thread, you would say, stop talkin about vick he is not on the team, but then u come back with a thread like this..ignorant, stupid...anyone else want to add to the list..
  10. the raiders can afford anything..did u see how much they signed that unknown defensive tackle to a out of this world contract??50 million i believe. and they just paid javon walker a helleva large amount of money..they can afford anyone..
  11. if they have been trying to get rid of huff, what makes you think hes any good??if the RAIDERS are trying to get rid of a player, something has to be wrong with that..its not like the raiders are the patriots, or even the bengals..
  12. if you are 80% of the nfl fans, then id believe you, but like ive been sayin over and over again, winning cures everything..if he comes into no matter what team, and wins, people will start to like him again..he owes it to us as fans to come back to the dome and play. he singlehandedly sold the dome out since he got drafted and im sure blank knows that..im sure he doesnt like blackouts which results in loosing money, and it is possible that the beginning of this season will be blackedout because this team has made no real big moves to get fans to get on the waiting list for season tickets..the
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