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  1. Well I lost my old name during the board change. And I've been here a while, I know you have also bucman. Regardless of the team you cheer for, your aces in my book kido. Nobody's perfect, but I've gotta say, you've got this internet thing down bro!

  2. it might be for good, i might have to mae another profile if i want to continue to post here. I deserved it though, certain things you just cant talk.

  3. lol yea bud, thats what i think you should have said... Or according to Gritz perhaps you should go knock his door down and burn him at the stake for being a racist pig? I honestly couldn't care less which direction you take. but mel isn't a "bad guy" for what he said to his gold digging ole ladie.
  4. im not touching this conversation anymore, i explained why i thoght mel is my hero. and it has nothing to do with black ppl... Nothing whats so ever. it's starting to go down a bad road, and quite off topic.
  5. pah-leese dont feed me that racist Bull, look that word up and thats what it means. this aint the 60's anymore, all that Bull is gonna die with your generation (i hope). I hear that word 50 times a day from all kinds of people, Are they "bad" people too? Oh and by the way, just cause someone says the N word doesn't mean it has anything to do with black ppl(mel wasn't calling any black person the N word mind you). thats just my .02 though. that word means Ignorance, black, white and yellow people are all ignorant. Sooo yea and its kinda funny out of all what mel said the only thing you hear
  6. yeah thats right, he's my hero. you know why? cause hes a drunk idiot racist that keeps it real. that Russian slut is a gold digging Bleep and he is simply calling that out for what it is. you cant tell me you've never had a conversation with ONE(not for the whole world to hear in an attempt to make someone look bad) person that if someone else heard would look soooo bad, everyone is guilty of it. that was phone call between TWO people, i've gone off on some sluts before and if it was heard by a third party i would look like the @$$ instead of the true @$$. is all im saying
  7. :mellow: rev, you never struck me as the singing type?
  8. this isn't last year homie, we dont have half the team we did last year. Anywho we gonna not only Beat the falcon after their bye week in your HOUSE, but we goona spank that @$$ again in them Creamsicles too! Plese hold onto those memories form last year cause thats all your goona have after this season. you aint sweping us again for a longggg time. So yea, thanks op for the all the lols i got. +1
  9. I only asked cause i stay in Clearwater, i thougt it was kinda funny to see.
  10. last year... no, this year...YUP!!!!!!!!!!
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