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Pure Football
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Bucman™® last won the day on June 24 2010

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  1. Well I lost my old name during the board change. And I've been here a while, I know you have also bucman. Regardless of the team you cheer for, your aces in my book kido. Nobody's perfect, but I've gotta say, you've got this internet thing down bro!

  2. it might be for good, i might have to mae another profile if i want to continue to post here. I deserved it though, certain things you just cant talk.


  4. Hey man sorry I just now saw the comment lol. But I don't beleive I'll be able to make the games this year. We do film studies the days after games so I'll be booked for Sunday. I appreciate the offer though man!

  5. yo cody, whats good bro??? you gonna make it to any games this year or what? Now you know if you come to Tampa I got you right... Just sayen homie

  6. Yea, EAS is quality. i've heard good things from celltech aswell, but boy its expensive. Thanks for the heads up conn!
  7. Does creatine work, and how long after you've been working out(i just started two months ago) before you should start taking it? i wana stack it with something also.
  8. Bucman I am honored to be your friend. Stay cool and I hope to throw down a few beers with you someday soon.

  9. your a good friend, Fantatic. Thanks bro. :-)

  10. I love ya, Bucman. Stay here and stay humble! ;-)

  11. Lol no problem bro. If you need anything else just hit me up.

  12. Thanks again for my new avatars cody, i really dig them.

  13. Just got off work my man.

  14. Cody!!! whats good bud?

  15. happy birthday Duff!

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