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  1. No problem man ok give me a lil while I try it again
  2. I am trying to do it torrent but having problems my boy is coming over my house around 8 and the kid is a cpu wizard ..When Im trying to upload it on torrent Im getting pissed off get an error "An operation on a socket could not be performed because the system lacked sufficient buffer space or because a queue was full" and µTorrent halts! then a system error .. Im not cpu savy people so help me out or going to have to wait for my boy to come over
  3. **** I'll PayPal ya $10 if you upload it :w00t: Mathis Ill do it for free give me to tonite around 8 or so and should be done You are the man!! If I was a girl I would do unmentionable things to you :w00t: lol i just got to run around do a couple of things then ill be back tonite if not tonite it will be up by tommorrow i am going to keep it in this thread dont bring attention to it
  4. **** I'll PayPal ya $10 if you upload it :w00t: Mathis Ill do it for free give me to tonite around 8 or so and should be done
  5. Upload it. once I get a chance I uploaded American Gangster on here like a month before it came out but I got sort of in trouble dont want to get in trouble again
  6. ^^^^^every sunday before a Falcon game to get amped
  7. I got it on bootleg and its ehh not a fan of batmans or any comic movie but Heath Ledger gave a great performance and the plot was great and moved well.. If anyone wants it I will upload it for you guys ...great quality it was inteded for critics
  8. I held the door the other day for some skater dirtbag and he didnt have the curtisoty to say Thank you so I replied with a your welcome scumbaggg and this 13 year didnt know what to do
  9. That's a pretty realistic assessment there swifty.......I believe in Mike Smith something about him makes me think he is going to be our coach for the next 10 years and bring a sort of stable enviorment for players to come here and perform . Like you gritblizter we have been fans for a long long time and yet we are still able to hold out hope that this franchise will finally get things right . We will make the playoffs in consecutive years in years to come . We will be talked about in positive ways across the nation . Right now its going to take time and the rebuilding process
  10. have they seen our schedule ..Det, Oakland, KC plus we will take atleast 2 from our division at worst we are going 5-11 ..I see 6-10 and possibly 7-9 if things break our way
  11. People call me a racist all the time on the board but check out the culture unlimted thread and form a opinion of your own
  12. I dont have kids so I will never see this
  13. your buggin National Treasure Trapped in paradise gone in sixty seconds
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