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  1. I know this is a “sad” commentary, but as the reporters were throwing their questions out to coach Smith.., I kept hearing Vaughn McClure’s voice asking relevant & timely questions. Gone too soon… RIP VM 🙏🏽
  2. Yeah, you got that from Coach Tony Dungee on “Inside the NFL” (Showtime). Coach Dungee was lauding the excellent work that Pep Hamilton did 1st with Andrew Luck as a rookie QB with the Colts, and now with Justin Herbert as QB coach with the Chargers. I think he’s DEFINITELY not gonna get consideration for our HC position, but maybe our next HC brings him in as our OC? Either that or at very least grab him to develop our next (rookie) QB, since Anthony Lynn & likely his staff is gone from the Chargers organization.
  3. I DID NOT say so many “posts” my exact words were “I’ve seen so many COMMENTS” on here. But I suppose a simple word search would find more than a couple “POSTS” stating the same. Simpleton 🤫
  4. I’ve seen so many comments on this board about why we shouldn’t take Justin if he’s there when we pick at #4 (and if you’ve followed this team like I have..., we WILL be picking 4th). This kid has TONS of talent and HAS had it since playing High School ball in Kennesaw. He has a ROCKET ARM with accuracy. Plus he has a natural feel for when to take off vs. steeling his nerves to stand in the pocket a little bit longer to let his receivers come open. If you STILL think that he will not make a GREAT next QB (in waiting after sitting behind & learning from Matty for a year) for our franchise..., well then you must’ve seen a different game than the one I watched tonight!! Draft Justin Fields....., & Rise Up!!
  5. Posted 14 hours ago Here is our remaining schedule. Pick our wins and losses. Sun, Nov 22 12:00 PM @ New Orleans Saints Sun, Nov 29 12:00 PM vs Las Vegas Raiders Sun, Dec 6 12:00 PM vs New Orleans Saints Sun, Dec 13 3:25 PM @ Los Angeles Chargers Sun, Dec 20 12:00 PM vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sun, Dec 27 12:00 PM @ Kansas City Chiefs Sun, Jan 3 12:00 PM @ Tampa Bay Hmmmmm....., by another name your topic sounds pretty familiar to me. 😳
  6. @ Aints - L vs Raiders - W vs Aints - L @ Chargers - L vs Bucs - W @ Chiefs - L @ Bucs - L 5-11
  7. Here is our remaining schedule. Pick our wins and losses. Sun, Nov 22 12:00 PM @ New Orleans Saints Sun, Nov 29 12:00 PM vs Las Vegas Raiders Sun, Dec 6 12:00 PM vs New Orleans Saints Sun, Dec 13 3:25 PM @ Los Angeles Chargers Sun, Dec 20 12:00 PM vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sun, Dec 27 12:00 PM @ Kansas City Chiefs Sun, Jan 3 12:00 PM @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  8. I can’t believe you guys.... You sound so “BLIND” to me. Have you NOT be looking at this teams play when we’ve gone against more talented teams (Green Bay)? All this “what if” bs. Like my old Drill Sargent Sykes used to say: “if worms had machine guns, the birds wouldn’t f with them”. ‘This team AIN’T going 8-8, 7-9, or even 6-10. We’re finishing with a mark of 5-11. MARK IT DOWN, and quote me later.
  9. I get your reasoning. Suppose we split with the Aints and Sucs..., and beat both the Chargers & Raiders, that puts in our USUAL position of finishing 7-9. ‘All that I can see out of this schedule over our last 7 is a mark of 2-5. I think we lose both to the team from “stinky town” (Credit to John Frickie), split with Tampa, beat the Raiders and lose to an underdog Chargers team on the West Coast. I’m not even going there with the Chiefs. They’re gonna run up the score on Isaiah Oliver & Allen as they & the Aints try to secure the #1 seed and a bye going into the playoffs. we WILL finish 5-11 (quote me on it)!!!
  10. Agreed. Maybe some of us refuse to accept reality & allow themselves to believe that we are NOT about to face a “murderer’s row” in at least 5 of our next 7 games. We have the Saints & Bucs TWICE, as well as the Chiefs, in a game in which Eric Bienemy will be auditioning in front of Mr. Blank for our next HC. Do you seriously believe that we will win either of these 5 games?
  11. We all know that major changes are coming in 2021, and it is all but certain that Alex Mack won’t be back. The rest of this season should NOT be about our current starters and veterans trying to see if they can salvage the current coaching staff’s jobs..., rather McKay & Mr. Blank should be evaluating which players will remain next as either starters that we can fit under the salary cap, or players that can be retained as QUALITY depth going forward. It’s time to look to the future.
  12. My DREAM tandem safety combination..., would be to grab Andre Cisco in the 2nd round, and trade our 5th round pick along with a 5th round comp. pick to get back into the end of the 4th round & “double-dip” at safety for Caden Sterns out of Texas. Gotta love a safety combination called “Cisco & The Wolf” 🔥🔥
  13. I do agree with many here that say we desperately need to upgrade our safety position. If this kid should somehow fall to our #2 selection (regardless of how we go with our 1st pick) I’d love to take him with our second selection.
  14. 😂. Right. Must not know that you CAN NOT post unless your post is 100% grammatically cerreck. ooops 😳
  15. Awwww man, ‘Thank U” for saying this Boise. It irks me to the High Heavens how many “woe is us” fans this city has. My feelings are, “If you don’t like the teams here”..., pick some NEW ones. You’re not obligated to pull for this city. I will ALWAYS root for winners here. Now that Quinn & Dimitroff are gone I’m looking forward to the fresh-air that change CAN bring. Note I did not say “will bring”. I’m just hopeful, whereas I had lost that hope under DQ. The Braves are in the midst of a youth movement, as are the Hawks. Let’s give whoever is hired as HC & GM the opportunity to set their own course, and set this franchise on a different path.
  16. Realistically speaking..., we’re headed for a rebuild while maintaining approximately 1/3 of the current roster over the next 3 seasons. I think AB gives the incoming HC/GM 6 year deals to assure them they’ll be given sufficient time to see through the “cap heck” that Dimitroff has saddled them with, and start with a YOUNGER roster. I think the “position of need” draft approach will not be their major concern, so much as drafting the BEST player available at the time that we pick. Secondly, there are very few positions that we don’t have a significant need to upgrade if we truly desire to win the Lombardi within the next 3, 4, or 5 years. Due to the cap ramifications, Matt is NOT coming off our books until at least the 2022 season. So unless we are in position to grab Carterville HS star Trevor Lawrence (the ONE sure offensive pick), or possibly Justin Fields, the next coaches WILL be drafting with long term success in mind.
  17. I believe that whomever the incoming HC & GM are they will make sure that their 1st pick for this franchise will be “as SURE a hit” (no risk) as possible. There is no more perfect pick on defense as this kid.
  18. Rich McKay owes it to the next GM to allow him/her time to evaluate the current players & personnel before going into this MOST IMPORTANT off season. I would love to see Louis Riddick (former Falcon) be given the opportunity to move the team in the RIGHT direction beginning in 2021. RISE UP!!!
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