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  1. Thank you, as this is EXACTLY the reason that Williams works. Too many people (Arthur Blank, the players, the fans) “like” Dan Quinn. He’s such a “likable” guy. What has being “nice” gotten us? As I said in my quote “We need a Culture Change”, and it doesn’t involve being NICE Guys that people like. We need a team that people learn to RESPECT for the Hard Nosed football that they will play under Gregg Williams.
  2. I’ll bet he won’t even lead the league in receiving yards this season.
  3. LOL 😂 I see ya @nomak. Since EVERYBODY else missed the punchline in your post..., I’ll bite. Your “guarantee” is 100% secure in that “the Falcons will not lose IN Chicago”, especially since the game will be played here in the ATL. But, we may very well take another “L” this Sunday at the Benz.
  4. Dallas Cowboys 40, Atlanta Falcons 39 29-10 is the NEW 28-3 https://www.nfl.com/news/what-we-learned-from-sunday-s-week-2-games
  5. So what is he gonna do..., keep them after practice to run “gut drills”? D.Q. Has gotta go. This loss is on his staff, which equals = HIM.
  6. Coach Quinn sounded soooooo “dispassionate” in his post game presser. Perhaps he was IN SHOCK, I don’t know, but Mr. Blank Y-O-U are a businessman, and D.Q. Is losing customers for your team!!
  7. What difference does that make? Nothing ever changes. He’s only watching “Re-Runs”.
  8. I disagree...., DQ should be fired tonight!!! He got his “mulligan” (to finish out the season) last year.
  9. The onside kick recovery by Dallas was a “coaching error”. NO WAY....., the Special Teams coach should fail to tell his players in the huddle before taking the field... DO NOT let this ball go past 10 yards.
  10. I said to my wife it was over for us when fox showed Arthur Blank on the sideline.
  11. Mr. Blank..... YOU OWE us fans the HOPE that this team can succeed. Dan Quinn CAN NOT lead this team to a championship. If you are not EMBARRASSED, well “I AM” Sir!!! We have become synonymously identified as a team known to blow HUGE leads. And, both under coach Quinn. He has failed to show that he can coach this team to OBVIOUS victories. I have been a fan of this team since 1985 while I was a freshman at Morris Brown College. I am at my wits end, so I implore you to give me and your other DIE HARD fans a slight ray of hope. PLEASE FIRE Coach Quinn.
  12. YES.... This team has solidified itself as EPIC “choke artists”. The 2 tremendous come from behind wins that N.E. And now Dallas put up on Dan Quinn teams, DEMANDS that he be replaced. His INABILITY to simply “hold” such sizable leads is a clear reflection of his poor leadership skills. FIRE DQ.
  13. Those are coaching errors. You have to cover that situation (DO NOT allow ball to travel 10 yards) on the sidelines IMMEDIATELY before sending the Special Teams onto field for the insides kick.
  14. I swear, it seems EVERYTIME they cut away to show Mr. Blank having made his way down onto the sidelines...., WE LOSE!!!
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