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  1. I also decided to visit this thread for the tit bits.
  2. Hard to view the trade negatively at all since we got what appears to be a shoe-in Hall of Famer if he keeps this up for a few more years.
  3. You mean they haven't seen us give up 2-3 tds each the last two games playing that garbage prevent defense after we get a decent lead? We have to cut that crap out.
  4. Wait, so they're lowering their cap hit this year and next year but then trashing it in 2018 again or forced to extend him again? Wow. Loomis just keeps pushing the pain forward.
  5. My profile says I joined in December of 1969, but that was over a decade before I was born. I'm pretty certain I found this place in 2004. I joined the Air Force after college and got stationed in New Mexico. Found this place in order to try and keep up with the team. I only really remember 2 games from that season. The first was getting 50 dropped on us by KC. The second was us handling the Rams in the divisional playoffs.
  6. I'm just happy that the blogger for all 4 teams listed a Falcon in their answer. We had the best offseason in the division.
  7. I can understand why we're so high on the list, but for the life of me I can't understand NOLA at 28. They only have 2 franchises. They lost a basketball team back in the day and their new one has never had any deep playoff runs. The saints have 1 championship and then a host of bad seasons. What gives?
  8. Hard to leave Weems off just because of his value on special teams.
  9. Before I read the article, I saw the autographed card and thought you'd have to exchange it for the food item. I was thinking "**** no, I'm not trading a Julio autograph for a wiener." LOL.
  10. I was thinking that the part about Goodwin being 6'3" was gonna cause another "How tall is Goodwin?" fiasco, but then the part about Jake Matthews just jumped off the screen as so stupid that it has stolen the show. Lol
  11. 6 million a year seems dirt cheap for a top rated RT after seeing the contracts that came out this offseason. I think he gets more like 8 a year.
  12. Actually, he tore his triceps while extending his arm to hand the ball to Quinn afterwards. Out 12 weeks.
  13. I didn't read all the comments to see if anyone made this comment or not, but I'll go agead: Have we done the math to see what the average pick number is for both of the teams? I'm at lunch on my phone, but I'd wager we average between pick 12-15 or maybe even higher and the Patriots average pick 25-27 or so. So, looking at that, one would assume we'd have access to better talent over those years. What was done with that talent is a fundamentally different story.
  14. In the comments, there a posters that reference Brooks Reed slimming down for this season and speculating that he may see snaps at LEO and/or WLB. What are the thoughts on that? Does that even make sense?
  15. Good find. I don't see any downside to signing him and would even support a multiple year deal if Quinn thought it was a good idea. While not ideal size, he seems to be a player and at this point betting on Collins to develop seems like a fools bet. It also falls in line with our entire plan of improving our coverage this offseason.
  16. Ok, it's official. I have no idea what Quinn's plan is for this defense now. Hage, Shelby, and maybe even Upshaw seem like they'd be very similar as the strongside DE in base. I don't have a clue who will be playing what linebacker position. Jones seems like a WLB to me, but there's been talk of him playing MLB which seems like would be a better fit for Reed. I'm praying Worrilow is a reserve, but not certain that'll come true. I don't understand what Upshaw's role will be, because if we're using Beasley at SAM and Hageman at Strongside end, where the **** will Upshaw play? Can someone help me here?
  17. I don't disagree on that. That 2nd round pick could have been much better used. I thought we were gonna take the LB McMinney or Kendricks.
  18. I think he's doing pretty poorly, but it is way too early to label him a bust. Corner is a hard position to make the conversion from college to the nfl. I don't think he'll ever be a superstar, but he might end up being decent.
  19. I just want to congratulate B_Lo_Touchdowns on how artfully he dodged this post that I'm quoting. I have seen some skill in ignoring facts that don't suit an agenda, but B_Lo just raised the bar to a new level.
  20. The article on Campbell is exciting. If he can cover in space that might give us a huge upgrade in our nickel packages. Between Neal, DJones, and Neal, our coverage might have significantly improved once these guys learn the scheme.
  21. I don't think Lawson isn't any better than Shelby. I think he might be a slightly better Upshaw. Be we already have two of those players on our roster. We didn't have a dymanic safety. If there was an elite pass rusher that somehow miraculously fell to 17, then it would have been different. But I don't think Lawson was that player.
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